Author Discussion & Signing with Michael Black

Author: Michael A. Black

Titles: A Continuation of  Army Ranger Steve Wolf Series: Devil’s Dance #1, Devil’s Fancy #2, Devil’s Brigade #3, and Devil’s Advocate #4

Date: June 13, 2021

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00PM

About the Author:

Michael A. Black is the award winning author of 40 books, most of which are in the mystery and thriller genres. He has also written in sci-fi, western, horror, and sports genres. A retired police officer, he has done everything from patrol to investigating homicides to conducting numerous SWAT operations. Black was awarded the Cook County Medal of Merit in 2010. He is also the author of over 100 short stories and articles, and wrote two novels with television star, Richard Belzer (Law & Order SVU). Black is currently writing the Executioner series under the name Don Pendleton. His Executioner novel, Fatal Prescription, won the Best Original Novel Scribe Award given by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers in 2018. His latest novels are the Trackdown series (Devil’s Dance, Devil’s Fancy, Devil’s Brigade, and Devil’s Advocate) and Legends of the West (under his own name), Dying Art and Cold Fury (under Don Pendleton), and the Gunslinger series (Killer’s Choice, Killer’s Brand, Killer’s Ghost, Killer’s Gamble, and Killer’s Requiem) under the name A.W. Hart.


The Books:

When Military Intelligence team Army Ranger Sergeant Steve Wolf with a Private Military Company known as the Vipers, he subsequently finds himself blamed for the deaths of some Iraqi civilians after a botched raid in Baghdad. Upon his release from prison four years later Wolf's friend and mentor, former Green Beret Jim McNamara, invites him into the bounty hunting business. Wolf reluctantly agrees and the pair cross paths with some undesirable characters as they head down south of the border to apprehend a wanted fugitive. Unbeknownst to Wolf, his old enemies from Iraq, the Vipers, are also in Mexico on the trail of the same fugitive, who is in possession of a priceless stolen artifact being sought by a very rich and unscrupulous man. The trail leads them all to El Meco, the abandoned Mayan ruins, where Wolf finds himself suddenly battling alone against a small army of vicious foes.



Working as a bounty hunter for Trackdown, Inc. ex-con and former Army Ranger Steve Wolf has been trying to get his life back on track. Convicted of a war crime that he didn't commit, he hopes to one day clear his name, but to do this Wolf must fit together the missing pieces of a complex puzzle, made more indecipherable by eight missing minutes from his memory that may hold the answers. What Wolf doesn't know is that he inadvertently stands in the way of a very rich and extremely ruthless man who will stop at nothing to continue his bloody treasure hunt for a priceless artifact and cover up the array of bodies that already lay in its wake. As Wolf tries to fit the pieces of this developing puzzle together, he suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of a highly professional and extremely deadly squad of mercenaries who give no quarter. Dodging more bullets than he did in a combat zone, Wolf must overcome the stacked odds against him.

Devil's Brigade Cover Image

After having been court-martialed and sent to prison for a war crime he didn't commit, former Army Ranger Steve Wolf has taken up bounty hunting with his friend, mentor, ex-Green Beret Big Jim McNamara. Having survived a brutal confrontation south of the border and a recent attack by mercenaries hired by his mysterious and incredibly wealthy foe, Wolf also finds himself being badgered by the FBI. A lucrative bounty takes him and Mac to a lawless encampment inside a large city in the Pacific Northwest, but the same powerful, rich man who set Wolf up years ago is still shadowing him hoping to gain possession of a priceless artifact that is in Wolf's unknowing possession. To accomplish this end, the sinister rich man employs still another professional killer, a former CIA fixer who is set to come at Wolf with unrelenting efficiency. Just when it seems things couldn't get worse, Wolf and McNamara must suddenly rescue Mac's grandson who has been taken to a militia compound and held hostage. Facing CIA killers, crazed militia forces, and overwhelming odds, Wolf once again finds himself outnumbered and outgunned.

Devil's Advocate Cover Image


That's the question former Army Ranger Steve Wolf keeps asking since he served time for a war crime he didn't commit. Wolf has been struggling to rebuild his life and ultimately clear his name, and when a path to doing just that materializes, Wolf finds himself being stalked by shadow-like foes who seem to know his every move. Unbeknownst to Wolf, his adversaries are being funded by the same wealthy sociopath who set Wolf up for the false war crime charges back in Iraq, and this rich man will stop at nothing to obtain a priceless artifact and see Wolf destroyed. Following this trail to possible salvation, Wolf and his friend and mentor, Jim McNamara, find themselves facing a brutal gang of bikers as well as a group of highly proficient rogue CIA-trained killers. In a desperate struggle to save an innocent life and seize his last chance at redemption, Wolf must face overwhelming odds in a battle against the powerful forces that have tormented him for so long.


Event date: 

Sunday, June 13, 2021 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

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1115 N. Marion Street
Oak Park, IL 60302
Devil's Dance: A Steve Wolf Military Thriller By Michael a. Black Cover Image
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Devil's Brigade: A Steve Wolf Military Thriller By Michael a. Black Cover Image
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Published: Wolfpack Publishing - January 13th, 2021

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Published: Wolfpack Publishing - February 10th, 2021

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