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Diane Pirrone the author of this month's mystery Shall We Not Revenge will be with us to listen to the Mystery Discussion Group's comments on her 2nd published mystery after, No Less in Blood. Then Diane can chime in with what an author has to consider when writing a novel and relate to some of the commnets made by the Group.

This is the first of three Author "Visitations" to the Mystery Discussion Group this year. It's a great opportunity for both the readers and the authors to mix it up about books and writing.

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ISBN: 9780989053532
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Published: Allium Press - March 13th, 2014

Mystery Discussion Group Discussing Lori Rader-Day's "The Black Hour"

Title: The Black Hour

Author: Loria Rader-Day (Ms. Rader-Day will be here for the discussion.)

Book Synopsis: For Chicago sociology professor Amelia Emmet, violence was a research topic--until a student she'd never met shot her. He also shot himself. Now he's dead and she's back on campus, trying to keep up with her class schedule, a growing problem with painkillers, and a question she can't let go: Why?  All she wants is for life to get back to normal, but normal is looking hard to come by. She's thirty-eight and hobbles with a cane. Her first student interaction ends in tears (hers). Her fellow faculty members seem uncomfortable with her, and her ex--whom she may or may not still love--has moved on. Enter Nathaniel Barber, a graduate student obsessed with Chicago's violent history. Nath is a serious scholar, but also a serious mess about his first heartbreak, his mother's death, and his father's disapproval. Assigned as Amelia's teaching assistant, Nath also takes on the investigative legwork that Amelia can't do. And meanwhile, he's hoping she'll approve his dissertation topic, the reason he came to grad school in the first place: the student attack on Amelia Emmet. 

Together and at cross-purposes, Amelia and Nathaniel stumble toward a truth that will explain the attack and take them both through the darkest hours of their lives.



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ISBN: 9781616148850
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Published: Seventh Street Books - July 8th, 2014

Author Discussion & Signing with Tom Holmes & More

Tom Holmes  will talk about his book Forty Days Alone in Thailand, Jesus, Buddha, Thai Culture and My Self. This will lead to a discussion on Pluralism and then role it plays in the 21st Century. (Tom is bringing some wine to help lubricate the conversation.)


Why Forty Days.... 

 In 2009, I realized that I had forty days of unscheduled time in Thailand between the seventh mission trip I had helped lead in the “Land of Smiles” and an international conference in Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand. I was at a point in my life where I felt the need to test my two primary relationships: with God and with my self. I grabbed the opportunity to test these two relationships by traveling around Thailand alone—with my limited Thai vocabulary and my neurological disorder--to plunge into the deep end of the cultural pool, if you will, and see if I would sink or swim. Before leaving I joked with my friends and family that my only traveling companions would be my self and God, and I didn’t know if I would get along with either one. I wrote Forty Days Alone in Thailand partly as a spiritual travel memoir, but partly as a way of encouraging readers to risk moving out of their cultural comfort zones as a way of meeting themselves again as if for the first time.

Forty Days Alone in Thailand Cover Image
ISBN: 9781500622053
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - August 4th, 2014


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