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Author Discussion & Signing with Robert Goldsborough


Author Signing Robert Goldsborough

Date: April 22, 2018

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00 PM 


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Robert Goldsborough (b. 1937) is an American author best known for continuing Rex Stout's
famous Nero Wolfe series. Born in Chicago, he attended Northwestern University, and upon
graduation went to work for the Associated Press, beginning a lifelong career in journalism
that would include long periods at the Chicago Tribune and Advertising Age.
While at the Tribune, Goldsborough began writing mysteries in the voice of Rex Stout,
the creator of iconic sleuths Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Goldsborough's first novel
starring Wolfe, Murder in E Minor (1986), was met with acclaim from both critics and devoted
fans, winning a Nero Award from the Wolfe Pack. Six more novels followed, including Death on
Deadline (1987) and Fade to Black (1990). In 2005, Goldsborough published Three Strikes
You're Dead, the first in an original series starring Chicago Tribune reporter Snap Malek.


Title: The Battered Badge (Bob's 13th Nero Wolfe & Archie Goodwin Novel)

When wealthy and popular crusader and reformer Lester Pierce is gunned down in front of his
Park Avenue residence, the public outcry forces the NYPD to restructure its homicide department.
As the deceased was highly critical of Inspector Lionel Cramer, the longtime head of homicide
is temporarily relieved of his badge. But it seems Cramer was not just a scapegoat:
He was seen dining in Little Italy with mob kingpin Ralph Mars.
All of which amounts to little more than conversational fodder for PI Nero Wolfe and his assistant
Archie Goodwin. But if Cramer's provisional replacement, Capt. George Rowcliff, becomes permanent,
Wolfe’s future dealings with the force will be much compromised. Loath to depart from his routine,
Wolfe makes the unusual decision to take on a case without an actual client.
His investigation quickly points toward Pierce's organization, Good Government Group, where
high-minded idealism is often trampled under the competing ambitions of the staff--several of
whom would clearly have benefited from Pierce's demise. Despite the burgeoning list of suspects,
Wolfe hasn't ruled out the involvement of the underworld and its connection to Cramer.
But in order to untangle an abundance of motives and end the inspector's forced furlough,
Wolfe may have to venture out of his comfort zone--and the premises of his brownstone


The Battered Badge (Nero Wolfe Mysteries #13) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781504049108
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Mysteriouspress.Com/Open Road - April 17th, 2018

Author Discussion & Signing with Robert Goldsborough

Title: STOP the Presses!  The very latest in the New Nero & Archie Series.

(Publishers Weekly 1/4/16 pp 34-35)

Stop the Presses! A Nero Wolfe Mystery Robert Goldsborough. Open Road, $14.99 trade paper (250p) ISBN 978-1-5040-2357-3 Goldsborough’s outstanding 11th Nero Wolfe pastiche provides a sedate contrast to the previous volume, 2015’s Archie in the Crosshairs, which opened with a bang, as someone shot at Archie Goodwin, Wolfe’s leg man, on his way home. Lon Cohen of the New York Gazette asks for Wolfe’s help after his paper’s most-read and most-notorious writer, Cameron Clay, receives death threats. Since Clay’s column routinely ruffles feathers, that’s not an unusual occurrence, but the writer views the current threats as more serious. Wolfe agrees to meet with Clay and gets a list of the five people most likely to pose a danger to him, including a real estate magnate and Clay’s diva exwife. But after the columnist rejects protection, he’s found dead of a gunshot wound, and the Gazette’s publisher asks Wolfe to challenge the police’s verdict of suicide. Offering one of his most surprising solutions, Goldsborough again demonstrates an impressive ability to emulate Rex Stout’s narrative voice.


Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are tasked with protecting the most hated columnist in New York City

There are few people Nero Wolfe respects, and Lon Cohen of the New York Gazette is one of them. So when Cohen asks for a favor, the famously brilliant—and notoriously lazy—detective is inclined to listen. According to Cohen, someone wants to kill the Gazette’s gossip columnist, Cameron Clay. Death threats are a regular hazard for Clay, who’s hurled insults and accusations at every bold-faced name in the five boroughs. But the latest threats have carried a more sinister tone.
The columnist has narrowed his potential killers down to five people: an egomaniacal developer, a disgraced cop, a corrupt councilman, a sleazy lawyer, and his ex-wife. But when Clay turns up dead, the cops deem it a suicide. The bigwigs at the Gazette don’t agree, so they retain Wolfe and his indefatigable assistant, Archie Goodwin, to figure out which of the suspects had the mettle to pull the trigger.


About the Author

Robert Goldsborough (b. 1937) is an American author best known for continuing Rex Stout s famous Nero Wolfe series. Born in Chicago, he attended Northwestern University and upon graduation went to work for the Associated Press, beginning a lifelong career in journalism that would include long periods at the "Chicago Tribune" and "Advertising Age". While at the "Tribune", Goldsborough began writing mysteries in the voice of Rex Stout, the creator of iconic sleuths Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Goldsborough s first novel starring Wolfe, "Murder in E Minor" (1986), was met with acclaim from both critics and devoted fans, winning a Nero Award from the Wolfe Pack. Nine more Wolfe mysteries followed, including "Death on Deadline "(1987) and "Fade to Black" (1990). His most recent book is "Archie in the Crosshairs "



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Stop the Presses! (Nero Wolfe Mysteries) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781504023573
Availability: Backordered
Published: Mysteriouspress.Com/Open Road - March 8th, 2016

Our Own Brenda Rossini will have a "Gala" Discussion & Signing

Title: Graceland Cemetery in Chicago: A Sherlockian Midst the Tombstone

Author: Brenda Rossini

Date: July 8, 2018

Day: Sunday

Time: 2-4:00 PM

Brenda Rossini is renowned Chicago attorney and the local Matriarch of Chicago Sherlochians (or so I've said.) You are in for a marvelous presentation on one of the most elaborate cemeteries in Chicago and, maybe, the Nation. Ms. Rossini will elaborate on the tombstones and the remains of some of the greats in Chicago history. Also, she will tie in what all this means to a Chicago Sherlockian as she wanders through this little piece of heaven on earth.



Graceland Cemetery is one of Chicago's most outstanding memorial grounds. It's like a little town with a private lake and mausoleums lining its streets. The funerary architecture is spectacular. Here lie Chicago's deceased: baseball players, boxers, ballerinas, fire victims, detectives, politicians, department store owners and inventors. They passed through nature and on to eternity but not without a pawky connection to Sherlock Holmes. 

Author Discussion & Signing with Jack Fredrickson

Author Signing: Jack Fredrickson

Title: Tagged for Murder (7th Dek Elstrom Mystery)


July 15, 2018

2:00 PM


When the man who's hired Dek Elstrom disappears, the private investigator's search for his missing client unearths some shocking findings.

The dead man is found spread-eagled on the top of a box car on an abandoned rail siding. He's dressed in a $2000 suit, yet half his teeth are rotten and his skin is bad. Who was he ... and how did he end up there?

When he's offered an exorbitant fee to photograph the scene, PI Dek Elstrom doesn't ask many questions. But his photos reveal something surprising: there's a witness to the murder, a tagger who's returned to the scene to paint what he saw. His work quickly disappears. What is it that the mysterious graffiti artist wants the world to know?

Then a second body shows up - and the case takes a shocking new twist ...

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A former Library Trustee and current President of the Friends of the Hinsdale Public Library, mystery writer Jack Fredrickson is a delightfully enthusiastic advocate for public libraries. If you’ve featured any of his books in your newsletter or on your website, you may have even received a hand-written note of thanks. (Though, given his sense of humor and penchant for self-deprecation, you may have mistaken it for an apology.)

In honor of Booklist’s Mystery Month, I sat down for a “quick” chat with Jack, whose latest Dek Elstrom mystery Hunting Sweetie Rose came out this spring and is just as quirky and enjoyable as its predecessors.

It’s not a huge surprise that Jack became a writer, some of his strongest and earliest memories are of checking out armloads of books from the Park Ridge Public Library. (He even earned his Boy Scout Troop’s very first merit badge—for reading.) Once he was old enough to head into downtown Chicago on his own, he’d take a ten-dollar bill he got for Christmas and case Kroch’s and Brentano’s for hours, plotting which 35-cent paperbacks to take come. He’d start reading on the train and not remove his nose from his books until school started.

Reading remained a passionate hobby, but writing was limited to a couple of business books he wrote in his post-MBA days. (To read more about Cost Reduction in the Office and Designing the Cost-Effective Office, go to the cheekily named “Sleep Aids” page on his website.) After working in management consulting and industrial engineering, Jack ran a successful office furniture business. He retired early and gave himself three years to be irresponsible. Scuba lessons, Appalachian banjo-building lessons, and a string of other adventures followed.

Up for anything, Jack agreed to take a writing class at a local community college with a friend. The friend was not aware that Jack already had a manuscript in a drawer, a story that had been the reason Jack would sneak into the office early or offer to lock the place up at night. The positive feedback he received from this workshop gave him the courage to submit a short story to Ellery Queen magazine. Months later (April Fool’s day, actually) he bought himself a straw hat from Target when he learned it would be published.

Jack continued taking classes and finally went to the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, where an instructor read the first draft of The Gateville Explosions (later to be published as A Safe Place for Dying) and suggested that he send it to an agent. That first agent didn’t bite, but the book did eventually catch the eye of an editor at St. Martin’s. The rest is history. (With a long interlude including lunch at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station, a scrambled phone call to his son in which some lady from New York left a message about Jack looking for a place to die in New York, and a trudge to the Flatiron Building. Get Jack to tell you about it sometime.)

Thus, Dek Elstrom, the turret-dwelling, hypocrisy-hating, ex-wife-pining, Ho-Ho-eating former P.I. was released upon the reading public. About Dek’s destiny, “I don’t want to know,” Jack says. “I only know about 10 minutes in advance what’s going to happen.” Which is probably a good thing. Part of the charm of this series is Dek’s casual befuddlement. I think of the Dek Elstrom books as Elmore Leonard on good behavior. They’re not quite cozies, not quite capers. Easily recommended to fans of Lawrence Shames or G.M. Malliet, the characters and irreverent sense of humor are the big draw to this enjoyable series. Now that I think about it, the same can be said of the author.


Tagged for Murder: A Pi Mystery Set in Chicago (Dek Elstrom Mystery #7) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780727887726
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Severn House Publishers - March 1st, 2018

Authors Discussion & Signing with Max Allan & Barbara Collins and A. Brad Schwartz

August 19, 2018


Time: 2:00 PM

Guest Authors: Max Allan Collins, Barbara Collins, and A. Brad Schwartz

Max Allan Collins  was hailed in 2004 by Publisher's Weekly as “a new breed of writer.” A frequent Mystery Writers of America “Edgar” nominee in both fiction and non-fiction categories, he has earned an unprecedented eighteen Private Eye Writers of America “Shamus” nominations, winning for his Nathan Heller novels, True Detective (1983) and Stolen Away (1991), receiving the PWA life achievement award, the Eye, in 2007. The first Heller in almost a decade, the Marilyn Monroe-oriented Bye Bye, Baby (2011), will be followed in 2012 by Target Lancer, the long-promised JFK Heller novel.

His graphic novel Road to Perdition (1998) is the basis of the Academy Award-winning 2002 film starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman and Daniel Craig, directed by Sam Mendes. It was followed by two acclaimed prose sequels, Road to Purgatory (2004) and Road to Paradise (2005), and a graphic novel sequel, Return to Perdition (2011). He has written a number of innovative suspense series, including Nolan (the author’s first series, about a professional thief), Quarry (the first series about a hired killer), and Eliot Ness (four novels about the famous real-life Untouchable’s Cleveland years). He is completing a number of “Mike Hammer” novels begun by the late Mickey Spillane, with whom Collins did many projects; the fourth of these, Lady Go, Die!, was published in 2012.

His many comics credits include the syndicated strip Dick Tracy (1977 - 1993); his own Ms. Tree (longest-running private eye comic book); Batman; and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, based on the hit TV series for which he has also written video games, jigsaw puzzles, and ten novels that have sold millions of copies worldwide. Collins was assisted on his CSI novels by writer Matthew Clemens, with whom he collaborates on short stories and such novels as You Can’t Stop Me (2010), a Thriller Award nominee, and its sequel No One Will Hear You (2011).

He has been termed “the novelization king” by Entertainment Weekly, with tie-in books on the USA Today bestseller list nine times and the New York Times list three times. His movie novels include Saving Private RyanAir Force One, and American Gangster, which won the Best Novel “Scribe” Award in 2008 from the International Association of Tie-in Writers.

An independent filmmaker in the midwest, he has written and directed five features and two documentaries, including the Lifetime movie Mommy (1996) and a 1997 sequel, Mommy's Day. He wrote The Expert, a 1995 HBO World Premiere, and The Last Lullaby, starring Tom Sizemore, a 2008 feature film based on Collins’ acclaimed novel, The Last Quarry; the film won numerous awards on the film festival circuit before its theatrical and home-video release.

His one-man show, Eliot Ness: An Untouchable Life, was nominated for an Edgar for Best Play of 2004 by the Mystery Writers of America; a film version, written and directed by Collins, was released on DVD in 2008 and appeared on PBS stations in 2009. His documentary, Caveman: V.T. Hamlin & Alley Oop, was also released on DVD after screening on PBS stations. A new edit of his 1999 documentary, Mike Hammer’s Mickey Spillane, is featured on the Criterion Collection’s DVD and Blu-ray of the classic film noir, Kiss Me Deadly.

His other credits include film criticism, short fiction, songwriting, trading-card sets, and a regular column in Asian Cult Cinema magazine. His non-fiction work has received many honors, with his coffee-table book The History of Mysteryreceiving nominations for every major mystery award and his recent Men’s Adventure Magazines (with George Hagenauer) winning the Anthony Award. With Jim Traylor, he received an Edgar nomination for Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer: One Lonely Knight (1984); recently the two authors teamed for Mickey Spillane on Screen (2012).

The writer is also a musician and has performed and recorded with his band Crusin’ since 1974. Possibly the first ‘60s revival band in the nation, Crusin’ was an outgrowth of the Daybreakers, the mid-1960s combo whose 1967 Dial Records release, “Psychedelic Siren,” written by Collins, is among the most collectible garage band records. He still performs regularly with Crusin’, as lead singer and keyboard player, and is a 2008 Inductee in the Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

November 29, 2016 – New York, NY – Max Allan Collins  was chosen as the 2017 Grand Masters by Mystery Writers of America (MWA). MWA’s Grand Master Award represents the pinnacle of achievement in mystery writing and was established to acknowledge important contributions to this genre, as well as for a body of work that is both significant and of consistent high quality. Mr. Collins will received his award at the 71st Annual Edgar Awards Banquet, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City on Thursday, April 27, 2017.

Collins lives in Muscatine, Iowa, with his wife, writer Barbara Collins; they have collaborated on three novels and numerous short stories, and are currently writing the successful “Trash ‘n’ Treasures” mysteries – their Antiques Flee Market (2008) won the Romantic Times Best Humorous Mystery Novel award in 2009. Their son Nathan translates Japanese into English with a number of novels and video games among his credits.


Image result for Barbara Collins

Barbara Collins 

Back in the 1950s, when there were only a few TV channels to watch, three shows brought to a screeching halt the mayhem in the kid-infested house I grew up in: Perry Mason (my mother had a mad crush on Raymond Burr), Maverick (my mother had a mad crush on James Garner), and Alfred Hitchcock Presents (my mother did not have a mad crush on the great director, but loved the stories). These programs must have had a profound effect on me, because the key ingredients of each episode—mystery, humor, irony—seem to make up the recipe I follow for my own short stories.

Even though I have worked in the novel format, to me, the perfect way to tell a tale is the short story. It's great for impatient people with short attention spans, one' of which I am. And my husband, who encouraged me to write and has been a great teacher, has always touted, "Write what you'd like to read."

Some of my favorite stories are ones that we've collaborated on; it's a little bit me, a little bit him. Having a male/female perspective is always interesting. And our writing styles are so similar (no surprise) that, come the end result, even we sometimes can't tell who wrote what.

Besides my husband—who is one of the smartest, best writers in the whole wide world—I owe a debt of gratitude to Ed Gorman and Marty Greenberg for publishing my stories in their wonderful anthologies.

Another debt is owed, of course. The stories in this book are sometimes by me, sometimes by my husband, sometimes by the two of us,'working together. But the most important collaborator, in any story, is the reader. We've done our job—the rest is up to you!

Barbara Collins is the wife of New York Times best-selling mystery novelist Max Allan Collins. Barbara and Max also write under the joint pseudonym Barbara Allan.


Image result for Photos of A. Brad Schwartz

A. Brad Schwartz

I study 20th century American history, with a special interest in questions of media and journalism, law and policing, and the cultural production of history. My undergraduate thesis at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor explored Orson Welles’s 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast, drawing upon an untapped trove of listener letters to challenge the standard narrative of the so-called “panic broadcast.” This research became the basis for my first book, Broadcast Hysteria: Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News (Hill and Wang, 2015). In 2013, I co-wrote a documentary about War of the Worlds for the PBS series American Experience, based in part on my thesis research. My next book, Scarface & the Untouchable: Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the Battle for Chicago, co-written with Max Allan Collins, will be published by William Morrow in 2018.


Scarface and the Untouchable: Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the Battle for Chicago Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062441942
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: William Morrow & Company - June 5th, 2018

Antiques Wanted (Trash 'n' Treasures Mystery #12) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781496711373
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Kensington Publishing Corporation - April 24th, 2018

Killing Town Cover Image
ISBN: 9781785655500
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Titan Books (UK) - April 17th, 2018

Broadcast Hysteria: Orson Welles's War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News Cover Image
ISBN: 9780809031641
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Hill & Wang - May 17th, 2016

Authors Discussion & Signing with William Kent Krueger and Lori Rader-Day

Authors Discussion & Signing with William Kent Krueger and Lori Rader-Day                for their newest Mystery Novels: Desolation Mountain and Under A Dark Sky.


August 25, 2018


11:00 AM

William Kent Krueger

Author: William Kent Krueger

Raised in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, William Kent Krueger briefly attended Stanford University—before being kicked out for radical activities. After that, he logged timber, worked construction, tried his hand at freelance journalism, and eventually ended up researching child development at the University of Minnesota. He currently makes his living as a full-time author. He’s been married for over 40 years to a marvelous woman who is a retired attorney. He makes his home in St. Paul, a city he dearly loves.

Krueger writes a mystery series set in the north woods of Minnesota. His protagonist is Cork O’Connor, the former sheriff of Tamarack County and a man of mixed heritage—part Irish and part Ojibwe. His work has received a number of awards, including the Minnesota Book Award, the Loft-McKnight Fiction Award, the Anthony Award, the Barry Award, the Dilys Award, and the Friends of American Writers Prize. His last eight novels were all New York Times bestsellers.

Ordinary Grace, his stand-alone novel published in 2013, received the Edgar Award, given by the Mystery Writers of America in recognition for the best novel published in that year. Desolation Mountain, number seventeen in his Cork O’Connor series, will be released in August 2018.



Title: Desolation Mountain


New York Times bestselling author William Kent Krueger delivers yet another "punch-to-the-gut blend of detective story and investigative fiction" (Booklist, starred review) as Cork O'Connor and his son Stephen work together to uncover the truth behind the tragic plane crash of a senator on Desolation Mountain and the mysterious disappearances of several first responders. This is a heart-pounding and devastating mystery the scope and consequences of which go far beyond what father or son could ever have imagined.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

To Stephen O'Connor, Hamlet's dour observation is more than just words. All his life, he has had visions of tragedies to come. When he experiences the vision of a great bird shot from the sky, he knows something terrible is about to happen. The crash of a private plane on Desolation Mountain in a remote part of the Iron Lake Reservation, which kills a United States senator and most of her family, confirms Stephen's worst fears.

Stephen joins his father, Cork O'Connor and a few Ojibwe men from the nearby Iron Lake reservation to sift through the smoldering wreckage when the FBI arrives and quickly assumes control of the situation. What seems like the end of the O'Connors' involvement is, however, only the beginning of a harrowing journey to understand the truth behind the Senator's death. As he initiates his own probe, Cork O'Connor stumbles upon a familiar face in Bo Thorson, a private security consultant whose unnamed clients have hired him to look quietly into the cause of the crash. The men agree to join forces in their investigation, but soon Cork begins to wonder if Thorson's loyalties lie elsewhere.

In that far north Minnesota County, which is overrun with agents of the FBI, NTSB, DoD, and even members of a rightwing militia, all of whom have their own agendas, Cork, Stephen, and Bo attempt to navigate a perilous course. Roadblocked by lies from the highest levels of government, uncertain who to trust, and facing growing threats the deeper they dig for answers, the three men finally understand that to get to the truth, they will have to face the great menace, a beast of true evil lurking in the woods--a beast with a murderous intent of unimaginable scale.



Author: Lori Rader-Day

I’m the author of the Anthony Award-winning mystery The Black Hour and the Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning mystery Little Pretty Things, both from Seventh Street Books. My lastest novel, The Day I Died (Harper Collins William Morrow, 2017) was an Indie Next Pick, a finalist for the Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year, and a nominee for the 2018 Mary Higgins Clark Award and a Barry Award.

My fiction has been previously published in Ellery Queen Mystery MagazineTimeOut ChicagoCrab Orchard ReviewFreight Stories, and in the anthology Dia de los Muertos (Elektrik Milkbath Press), and others. Bestselling author Jodi Picoult chose my story as the grand prize winner of Good Housekeeping’s first fiction contest.

Originally from central Indiana, I grew up frequenting the local libraries, reading all the Judy Blume and Lois Duncan I could get my hands on. Then I discovered Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark. I may have wandered off the mystery writer path a few times, but I think we all knew I would get back there eventually.

I studied journalism at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, but eventually gave in to my dream and studied creative writing at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Now a resident of Chicago more than fifteen years, I have a favorite deep dish pizza (Lou Malnati’s) and I’m active in the area’s crime writing community. I’m the immediate past president of the Midwest Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, a board member of Sisters in Crime Chicagoland, and a member of the International Thriller Writers. Chicago is a really great town in which to be a mystery writer.



Title: Desolation Mountain


From the critically-acclaimed author of The Day I Died comes a terrifying twist on a locked-room mystery that will keep readers guessing until the last page

Only in the dark can she find the truth . . .

Since her husband died, Eden Wallace's life has diminished down to a tiny pinprick, like a far-off star in the night sky. She doesn't work, has given up on her love of photography, and is so plagued by night terrors that she can't sleep without the lights on. Everyone, including her family, has grown weary of her grief. So when she finds paperwork in her husband's effects indicating that he reserved a week at a dark sky park, she goes. She's ready to shed her fear and return to the living, even if it means facing her paralyzing phobia of the dark. 

But when she arrives at the park, the guest suite she thought was a private retreat is teeming with a group of twenty-somethings, all stuck in the orbit of their old college friendships. Horrified that her get-away has been taken over, Eden decides to head home the next day. But then a scream wakes the house in the middle of the night. One of the friends has been murdered. Now everyone--including Eden--is a suspect.

Everyone is keeping secrets, but only one is a murderer. As mishaps continue to befall the group, Eden must make sense of the chaos and lies to evade a ruthless killer--and she'll have to do it before dark falls...





Desolation Mountain (Cork O'Connor Mystery #17) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501147463
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Atria Books - August 21st, 2018

Under a Dark Sky Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062560308
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: William Morrow & Company - August 7th, 2018

Seminar: Writing the Short Story

Seminar: Writing the Short Story

Michael Black_2.jpg

Speaker: Michael Black

Date: May 20, 2018

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Registration Fee: $5/Person

Writing the Short Story:

Writing short stories is a tried and true way to break into publishing. Accomplished author Michael A. Black teaches creative writing courses at the college level, and is the author of 29 books and over 50 published short stories. His seminar will take you through the step-by-step process of writing the short story from idea to execution. Bring pen, pencil, notebook, lap top, smart phone or whatever... to report what you learn for later reference.


Below are a few examples of the variety and diversity of Michael Black's short stories.

hellinfastcar        9780692244944: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Volume 6  9781616550561: 1: The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine: The Way of No Way!


Authors Discussion & Signing with Michael Barsa and Michelle Falkoff

Date: June 23, 2018

Day: Saturday

Time: 2:00 PM

Theme: The Mysteries of Family Secrets

Authors: Michael Barsa & Michelle Falkoff


A car lies at the bottom of an icy ravine. Slumped over the steering wheel, dead, is the most critically acclaimed horror writer of his time. Was it an accident? His son Milo doesn't care. For the first time in his life, he's free. No more nightmarish readings, spooky animal rites, or moonlit visions of his father in the woods with a notebook and vampire make-up. Or so he thinks.

Milo settles into a quiet routine--constructing model Greek warships and at last building a relationship with his sister Klara, who's home after a failed marriage and brief career as an English teacher. Then Klara hires a gardener to breathe new life into their overgrown estate. There's something odd about him--something eerily reminiscent of their father's most violent villain. Or is Milo imagining things? He's not sure. That all changes the day the gardener discovers something startling in the woods. Suddenly Milo is fighting for his life, forced to confront the power of fictional identity as he uncovers the shocking truth about his own dysfunctional family--and the supposed accident that claimed his parents' lives.

Image result for Michael Barsa

Author: Michael Barsa  grew up in a German-speaking household in New Jersey and spoke no English until he went to school. So began an epic struggle to master the American "R" and a lifelong fascination with language. He's lived on three continents and spent many summers in southern Germany and southern Vermont. He's worked as an award-winning grant writer, an English teacher, and an environmental lawyer. He's now teaches environmental and natural resources law. His scholarly articles have appeared in several major law reviews, and his writing on environmental policy has appeared in The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Sun-Times. His short fiction has appeared in Sequoia. The Garden of Blue Roses is his first novel.




A mystery about family, secrets, and how to move forward when the past keeps pulling you back. Patrick "Pack" Walsh may not know where he's going in life, but he's happy where he is. Then, on his eighteenth birthday, a letter from his past changes everything. As Pack begins a journey to uncover the truth about the parents he thought he knew, the family he didn't know he had, and the future he never realized he wanted, he starts to have a whole different understanding of his life--and where he wants to go from here.

Image result for michelle Folkoff

Author: Michelle Falkoff is the author of Playlist for the Dead, Pushing Perfect, and Questions I Want to Ask You. Her fiction and reviews have been published in ZYZZYVA, DoubleTake, and the Harvard Review, among other places. Michelle currently serves as Director of Communication and Legal Reasoning and Clinical Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. She received her law degree from Columbia Law School and practiced intellectual property litigation in Silicon Valley for several years before going back to school to receive her Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

The Garden of Blue Roses Cover Image
ISBN: 9781630230616
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Underland Press - April 17th, 2018

Questions I Want to Ask You Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062680235
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Harper Teen - May 29th, 2018

Authors Discussion & Signing with Frances McNamara and Victoria Thompson

Authors Discussion & Signing with Frances McNamara and Victoria Thompson

Titles: Death at the Selig Studios with Emily Cabot and

           Murder on Union Square with Franak Malloy & Sarah Brandt



June 7, 2018


Image result for Frances McNamara

Author: Frances McNamara

Frances McNamara grew up in Boston where her father served as Police Commissioner for ten years. She has degrees from Mount Holyoke and Simmons Colleges, and was a librarian at the University of Chicago. She is getting ready to launch the seventhh Emily Cabot Mystery, Murder at the Selig Studios. When not writing she can be found sailing on Boston’s Charles River or beaching it on Cape Cod.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. My father was an FBI agent and later the Police Commissioner of the city of Boston. Whether it was the influence of a professional detective in the family or near sightedness, I started reading mysteries with Nancy Drew stories and soon graduated to Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers and Ngaio Marsh. I graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a major in English. Although I had never worked in a library, I signed up for a masters in library science program at Simmons College part time while working at the Wellesley College Library. In order to keep busy, I also signed up for a masters in English degree at Simmons and studied Chinese language at Wellesley, and Middlebury College.



Title: Death at the Selig Studios with Emily Cabot


The early summer of 1909 finds Emily Cabot eagerly anticipating a relaxing vacation with her family. Before they can depart, however, she receives news that her brother, Alden, has been involved in a shooting death at the Selig Polyscope silent movie studios on Chicago’s northwest side. She races to investigate, along with her friend Detective Henry Whitbread. There they discover a sprawling backlot, complete with ferocious jungle animals and the celluloid cowboys Tom Mix and Broncho Billy. As they dig deeper into the situation, they uncover furtive romantic liaisons between budding movie stars and an attempt by Thomas Edison to maintain his stranglehold over the emerging film industry. Before the intrepid amateur sleuth can clear her brother’s name she faces a serious break with the detective; a struggle with her adolescent daughter, who is obsessed with the filming of the original Wizard of Oz movie; and threats upon her own life.


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Author: Victoria Thompson

Edgar®  and Agatha Nominated author Victoria Thompson writes the Gaslight Mystery Series, set in turn-of-the-century New York City and featuring midwife Sarah Brandt. Her latest, Murder in the Bowery, was a May 2017 release. The 21st book in that series, Murder on UnionSquare, will be out in May 2018.  City of Lies is the first book in her new Counterfeit Lady series, a November 2017 release from Berkley.  She also contributed to the award winning writing textbook Many Genres/One Craft. Victoria teaches in the Seton Hill University master's program in writing popular fiction. She lives in Illinois with her husband and a very spoiled little dog.  


Title: Murder on Union Square



When a murder hits close to home, Frank finds himself in an unusual position--the prime suspect in the latest installment of the national bestselling Gaslight Mystery series... Sarah and Frank Malloy are enjoying married life and looking to make their family official by adopting Catherine, the child whom Sarah rescued and has been raising as her daughter. The process seems fairly straightforward, but at the last minute, the newlyweds discover that Parnell Vaughn, Catherine's legal father, has a claim on the child, and his grasping fianc e is demanding a financial settlement to relinquish parental rights. Even though exchanging money for a child is illegal, Frank and Sarah's love for Catherine drives them to comply. When Frank returns with the money and finds Vaughn beaten to death, all evidence points to Frank as the culprit. A not-quite-famous actor with modest means, Vaughn seems an unlikely candidate for murder, particularly such a violent crime of passion. But Frank soon uncovers real-life intrigue as dramatic as any that appears on stage. Sarah and Frank enlist those closest to them to help hunt for Vaughn's killer as Frank's own life--and the future of their family--hang in the balance.

Death at the Selig Studios Cover Image
ISBN: 9780996755894
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Allium Press - May 29th, 2018

Murder on Union Square (Gaslight Mystery #20) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399586606
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Berkley Books - May 1st, 2018


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