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Author Discussion & Signing with Robert Goldsborough

Title: STOP the Presses!  The very latest in the New Nero & Archie Series.

(Publishers Weekly 1/4/16 pp 34-35)

Stop the Presses! A Nero Wolfe Mystery Robert Goldsborough. Open Road, $14.99 trade paper (250p) ISBN 978-1-5040-2357-3 Goldsborough’s outstanding 11th Nero Wolfe pastiche provides a sedate contrast to the previous volume, 2015’s Archie in the Crosshairs, which opened with a bang, as someone shot at Archie Goodwin, Wolfe’s leg man, on his way home. Lon Cohen of the New York Gazette asks for Wolfe’s help after his paper’s most-read and most-notorious writer, Cameron Clay, receives death threats. Since Clay’s column routinely ruffles feathers, that’s not an unusual occurrence, but the writer views the current threats as more serious. Wolfe agrees to meet with Clay and gets a list of the five people most likely to pose a danger to him, including a real estate magnate and Clay’s diva exwife. But after the columnist rejects protection, he’s found dead of a gunshot wound, and the Gazette’s publisher asks Wolfe to challenge the police’s verdict of suicide. Offering one of his most surprising solutions, Goldsborough again demonstrates an impressive ability to emulate Rex Stout’s narrative voice.


Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are tasked with protecting the most hated columnist in New York City

There are few people Nero Wolfe respects, and Lon Cohen of the New York Gazette is one of them. So when Cohen asks for a favor, the famously brilliant—and notoriously lazy—detective is inclined to listen. According to Cohen, someone wants to kill the Gazette’s gossip columnist, Cameron Clay. Death threats are a regular hazard for Clay, who’s hurled insults and accusations at every bold-faced name in the five boroughs. But the latest threats have carried a more sinister tone.
The columnist has narrowed his potential killers down to five people: an egomaniacal developer, a disgraced cop, a corrupt councilman, a sleazy lawyer, and his ex-wife. But when Clay turns up dead, the cops deem it a suicide. The bigwigs at the Gazette don’t agree, so they retain Wolfe and his indefatigable assistant, Archie Goodwin, to figure out which of the suspects had the mettle to pull the trigger.


About the Author

Robert Goldsborough (b. 1937) is an American author best known for continuing Rex Stout s famous Nero Wolfe series. Born in Chicago, he attended Northwestern University and upon graduation went to work for the Associated Press, beginning a lifelong career in journalism that would include long periods at the "Chicago Tribune" and "Advertising Age". While at the "Tribune", Goldsborough began writing mysteries in the voice of Rex Stout, the creator of iconic sleuths Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Goldsborough s first novel starring Wolfe, "Murder in E Minor" (1986), was met with acclaim from both critics and devoted fans, winning a Nero Award from the Wolfe Pack. Nine more Wolfe mysteries followed, including "Death on Deadline "(1987) and "Fade to Black" (1990). His most recent book is "Archie in the Crosshairs "



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Published: Mysteriouspress.Com/Open Road - March 8th, 2016

Author Discussion & Signing with Michael Black

Author: Michael A. Black

Titles: A Continuation of  Army Ranger Steve Wolf Series: Devil’s Dance #1, Devil’s Fancy #2, Devil’s Brigade #3, and Devil’s Advocate #4

Date: June 13, 2021

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00PM

About the Author:

Michael A. Black is the award winning author of 40 books, most of which are in the mystery and thriller genres. He has also written in sci-fi, western, horror, and sports genres. A retired police officer, he has done everything from patrol to investigating homicides to conducting numerous SWAT operations. Black was awarded the Cook County Medal of Merit in 2010. He is also the author of over 100 short stories and articles, and wrote two novels with television star, Richard Belzer (Law & Order SVU). Black is currently writing the Executioner series under the name Don Pendleton. His Executioner novel, Fatal Prescription, won the Best Original Novel Scribe Award given by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers in 2018. His latest novels are the Trackdown series (Devil’s Dance, Devil’s Fancy, Devil’s Brigade, and Devil’s Advocate) and Legends of the West (under his own name), Dying Art and Cold Fury (under Don Pendleton), and the Gunslinger series (Killer’s Choice, Killer’s Brand, Killer’s Ghost, Killer’s Gamble, and Killer’s Requiem) under the name A.W. Hart.


The Books:

When Military Intelligence team Army Ranger Sergeant Steve Wolf with a Private Military Company known as the Vipers, he subsequently finds himself blamed for the deaths of some Iraqi civilians after a botched raid in Baghdad. Upon his release from prison four years later Wolf's friend and mentor, former Green Beret Jim McNamara, invites him into the bounty hunting business. Wolf reluctantly agrees and the pair cross paths with some undesirable characters as they head down south of the border to apprehend a wanted fugitive. Unbeknownst to Wolf, his old enemies from Iraq, the Vipers, are also in Mexico on the trail of the same fugitive, who is in possession of a priceless stolen artifact being sought by a very rich and unscrupulous man. The trail leads them all to El Meco, the abandoned Mayan ruins, where Wolf finds himself suddenly battling alone against a small army of vicious foes.



Working as a bounty hunter for Trackdown, Inc. ex-con and former Army Ranger Steve Wolf has been trying to get his life back on track. Convicted of a war crime that he didn't commit, he hopes to one day clear his name, but to do this Wolf must fit together the missing pieces of a complex puzzle, made more indecipherable by eight missing minutes from his memory that may hold the answers. What Wolf doesn't know is that he inadvertently stands in the way of a very rich and extremely ruthless man who will stop at nothing to continue his bloody treasure hunt for a priceless artifact and cover up the array of bodies that already lay in its wake. As Wolf tries to fit the pieces of this developing puzzle together, he suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of a highly professional and extremely deadly squad of mercenaries who give no quarter. Dodging more bullets than he did in a combat zone, Wolf must overcome the stacked odds against him.

Devil's Brigade Cover Image

After having been court-martialed and sent to prison for a war crime he didn't commit, former Army Ranger Steve Wolf has taken up bounty hunting with his friend, mentor, ex-Green Beret Big Jim McNamara. Having survived a brutal confrontation south of the border and a recent attack by mercenaries hired by his mysterious and incredibly wealthy foe, Wolf also finds himself being badgered by the FBI. A lucrative bounty takes him and Mac to a lawless encampment inside a large city in the Pacific Northwest, but the same powerful, rich man who set Wolf up years ago is still shadowing him hoping to gain possession of a priceless artifact that is in Wolf's unknowing possession. To accomplish this end, the sinister rich man employs still another professional killer, a former CIA fixer who is set to come at Wolf with unrelenting efficiency. Just when it seems things couldn't get worse, Wolf and McNamara must suddenly rescue Mac's grandson who has been taken to a militia compound and held hostage. Facing CIA killers, crazed militia forces, and overwhelming odds, Wolf once again finds himself outnumbered and outgunned.

Devil's Advocate Cover Image


That's the question former Army Ranger Steve Wolf keeps asking since he served time for a war crime he didn't commit. Wolf has been struggling to rebuild his life and ultimately clear his name, and when a path to doing just that materializes, Wolf finds himself being stalked by shadow-like foes who seem to know his every move. Unbeknownst to Wolf, his adversaries are being funded by the same wealthy sociopath who set Wolf up for the false war crime charges back in Iraq, and this rich man will stop at nothing to obtain a priceless artifact and see Wolf destroyed. Following this trail to possible salvation, Wolf and his friend and mentor, Jim McNamara, find themselves facing a brutal gang of bikers as well as a group of highly proficient rogue CIA-trained killers. In a desperate struggle to save an innocent life and seize his last chance at redemption, Wolf must face overwhelming odds in a battle against the powerful forces that have tormented him for so long.


Devil's Dance Cover Image
ISBN: 9781647341428
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Published: Wolfpack Publishing LLC - November 18th, 2020

Devil's Fancy Cover Image
ISBN: 9781647341381
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Published: Wolfpack Publishing LLC - December 16th, 2020

Devil's Brigade Cover Image
ISBN: 9781647342357
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Wolfpack Publishing LLC - January 13th, 2021

Devil's Advocate Cover Image
ISBN: 9781647342784
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Wolfpack Publishing LLC - February 10th, 2021

Author Discussion & Signing with Robert Goldsborough

Author Discussion & Signing with Robert Goldsborough

Title: Trouble at the Brownstone (16th Nero & Archie Mystery) 

Date: July 18, 2021

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00 PM


Archie Goodwin goes undercover on the waterfront in a new mystery by the author who "does a masterly job with the Wolfe legacy" (Booklist).
Archie Goodwin is not overly fond of Theodore Horstmann, who takes care of the orchids on the rooftop of Nero Wolfe's West Thirty-Fifth Street brownstone. But as loyal assistant to the legendary private detective, Archie will put his animosity aside when the surly orchid-keeper stumbles through the front door beaten within an inch of his life. While the gardener lies in a coma, Nero sends Archie to poke around his apartment near the river. The place is neatly kept, if not quite as elegant as the brownstone, but across the street on Tenth Avenue Archie quickly discovers the longshoremen's watering hole in whose back room Horstmann has been playing a lot of bridge lately. The smoky tavern is packed with tough dockworkers and recent European immigrants, and Archie does his best to blend in, filling the victim's empty seat in his running card game, as he attempts to learn what sort of shady business might have led to attempted murder. But when one of his new bridge partners is killed, Archie finds himself caught up in something much bigger than a bar fight . . .
Trouble at the Brownstone serves up postwar New York City atmosphere in a fast-paced mystery featuring Nero Wolfe, "one of the two or three most beloved detectives in fiction" (Publishers Weekly).
"Mr. Goldsborough has all of the late writer's stylistic mannerisms down pat." --The New York Times

About the Author

Robert Goldsborough is an American author best known for continuing Rex Stout's famous Nero Wolfe series. Born in Chicago, he attended Northwestern University and upon graduation went to work for the Associated Press, beginning a lifelong career in journalism that would include long periods at the Chicago Tribune and Advertising Age. While at the Tribune, Goldsborough began writing mysteries in the voice of Rex Stout, the creator of iconic sleuths Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Goldsborough's first novel starring Wolfe, Murder in E Minor (1986), was met with acclaim from both critics and devoted fans, winning a Nero Award from the Wolfe Pack. Archie Goes Home is the fifteenth book in the series.



Trouble at the Brownstone (Nero Wolfe Mysteries #16) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781504066624
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Published: Mysteriouspress.Com/Open Road - June 15th, 2021

Author Discussion & Signing with Ben Strand

Author Discussion & Signing:

Title  A Black Hawk War Guide: Landmarks, Battlefields, Museums and Firsthand Accounts

Author: Ben Strand

Date: September 25, 2021

Day: Saturday

Time: 2:00PM

A Black Hawk War Guide: Landmarks, Battlefields, Museums and Firsthand Accounts

About The Book:

The Black Hawk War was the final conflict east of the Mississippi River between American Indian communities and the United States regular troops and militia. Exploring the museums, wayside markers and parks relating to that struggle is not just a journey of historic significance through beautiful natural scenery. It is also an amazing convergence of legendary personalities, from Abraham Lincoln to Jefferson Davis. Follow the fallout of the war from the Quad Cities on the Illinois/Iowa border, through the “Trembling Lands” along the Kettle Morraine and into the Driftless Area of southern Wisconsin. Pairing local insight with big-picture perspective, Ben Strand charts an overlooked quadrant of America’s frontier heritage.


About The Author:

Ben Strand hails from the Uplands of southwestern Wisconsin. He received his education while serving as a busboy at the Thym’s Supper Club in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, and the Old Mexico Grill in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With degrees from the University of Wisconsin and an MFA from Goddard College in Vermont, he has a long-standing commitment to the Wisconsin Idea and the Green Mountain Ideal. As a lifelong Cubs fan, he smartly swore off the lovable losers when they removed the communal urinals from Wrigley Field, which just happened to be the year before they ruined a perfectly honorable losing streak. He currently makes his home with his family and school-age children in the Driftless region of Wisconsin. After many years of avid prickly ash pruning, he has forged a truce with this native bush and is now focused on removing the twenty-first-century scourge of burdock, wild parsnips and multiflora rose. Invitations and admonitions can be directed to


A Black Hawk War Guide: Landmarks, Battlefields, Museums and Firsthand Accounts (Military) Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781467146098
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Published: History Press - February 8th, 2021

ZOOM Event: Dr. Moira Dolan, M.D,

Title: Boneheads and Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Author: Moira Dolan M.D.

 Date: Friday , August 7, 2020     Time: 7:00 PM

Please join us online for this exciting interview with author Moira Dolan, MD discussing her new book Boneheads & Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and featuring Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore.

It is so easy! Here are the particulars:
Day: Friday, August 7th
Time: 7PM Central
Where: Click this link below to join us.
Join Zoom Meeting:…

Details: When you click the link, you will be prompted to download the ‘Zoom’ application. Follow the onscreen directions and in less than a minute you will be placed into the virtual Waiting Room. The host will join you into the group. You may join with or without your camera.
Bonus features:
Join for a chance to win an author-signed copy of Boneheads & Brainiacs.
Register to receive a free download of Dr. Dolan’s e-booklet No-Nonsense Guide to Surviving Your Medical Encounter.
For every purchase of Boneheads & Brainiacs from us, Dr. Dolan will donate directly to the indie bookstore charity BINC.



Even the greatest minds in medicine have been terribly, terribly wrong.

The inventor of the lobotomy won a Nobel prize in medicine for destroying his patients' brains. Another Nobel laureate thought malaria cured syphilis. The discoverer of anaphylactic shock also researched the spirit world and ESP. A pioneer of organ transplants was an ardent eugenicist, while the founder of sports physiology heroically spoke out against Nazism.

Boneheads and Brainiacs profiles the winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine from 1901 to 1950--a surprisingly diverse group of racists, cranks, and opportunists, as well as heroes, geniuses, and selfless benefactors of humanity. Forget all the ivory tower stereotypes of white-coated doctors finding miracle cures. Boneheads and Brainiacs reveals the messy human reality behind medical progress, in a highly entertaining book written for the ordinary reader.

Some were bad scientists; others were great scientists and lousy human beings. But the majority of these researchers produced knowledge that now saves millions of lives--priceless discoveries like the role of vitamins in nutrition, the dangers of radiation, treatments for diabetes and deadly infectious diseases, and more. Boneheads and Brainiacs showcases the enthralling, all-too-human personal lives that made modern medicine possible.

About Moira Dolan

Moira Dolan, MD attended medical school at University of Illinois and has practiced Internal Medicine in Michigan and Texas. She is passionate about patient empowerment and believes being an informed consumer is the only protection against becoming a victim of your medical encounter. Her No-Nonsense Guides support the health care consumer's opportunity for informed consent or informed refusal. Her new book Boneheads & Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Noble Prize in Medicine profiles a surprisingly diverse group of racists, cranks and opportunists as well has heroes, geniuses, and selfless benefactors of humanity, revealing the messy human reality behind medical progress in a highly entertaining read for the non medical reader.



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Boneheads and Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Nobel Prize in Medicine Cover Image
ISBN: 9781610353502
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Published: Quill Driver Books - March 10th, 2020

Author Discussion & Signing with Richard C. Lindberg

Title: Tales of Forgotten Chicago

Author: Richard C. Lindberg

Date: August 16, 2020

Day: Sunday

Time: 2-4 PM



Hidden gems from Chicago’s past

Tales of Forgotten Chicago contains twenty-one fascinating, little-known stories about a great city and its people. Richard C. Lindberg has dug deeply to reveal lost historical events and hidden gems from Chicago’s past.  

Spanning the Civil War through the 1960s, the volume showcases forgotten crimes, punishments, and consequences: poisoned soup that nearly killed three hundred leading citizens, politicians, and business and religious leaders; a woman in showbiz and her street-thug husband whose checkered lives inspired a 1955 James Cagney movie; and the first police woman in Chicago, hired as a result of the senseless killing of a young factory girl in a racially tinged case of the 1880s.

Also included are tales of industry and invention, such as America’s first automobile race, the haunting of a wealthy Gilded Age manufacturer’s mansion, and the identity of the telephone’s rightful inventor. Chapters on the history of early city landmarks spotlight the fight to save Lakefront Park and how “Lucky” Charlie Weeghman’s north side baseball park became Wrigley Field. Other chapters explore civic, cultural, and political happenings: the great Railroad Fairs of 1948 and 1949; Richard J. Daley’s revival of the St. Patrick’s Day parade; political disrupter Lar “America First” Daly; and the founding of the Special Olympics in Chicago by Anne Burke and others. Finally, some are just wonderful tales, such asa  touching story about the sinking of Chicago's beloved Christmas tree ship.

Engrossing and imaginative, this collection opens new windows into the past of the Windy City.

Rich Lindberg

About the Author

Richard C. Lindberg is an award-winning author, journalist, and lecturer who has written nineteen other books about Chicago history, politics, criminal justice, sports, and ethnicity. The 2011 memoir of his Northwest Side boyhood, Whiskey Breakfast: My Swedish Family, My American Life, was named nonfiction book of the year by the Chicago Writer’s Association.

Tales of Forgotten Chicago Cover Image
ISBN: 9780809337811
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Southern Illinois University Press - July 28th, 2020

Author Discussion with Joseph Rulli

Date : July 14, 2020

Day: Tuesday

Time: 7-9:00 PM

Title: Chicago Socialism: The People's History

Author: Joseph Rulli


In the United States, Chicago provided Socialism with a soapbox for firebrand speechmaking, a home for political exiles and a springboard for activism. When Josephine Conger-Kaneko began printing The Socialist Woman in 1909 and then ran for alderwoman in 1914, she could appeal to an audience and an electorate sympathetic to the Socialist Party in unprecedented numbers. Because Chicago was also a stronghold of the mercantile and political interests most dramatically opposed to the Socialist Party, the city frequently served as a pressure cooker for the nation's economic and ideological tension. That tension boiled over in incidents like the 1886 Haymarket Riot, the 1894 Pullman Strike and the 1919 Race Riots and continues to dictate the terms of engagement for contemporary protest movements and labor disputes. In this first comprehensive history of Socialism in the Windy City, author Joseph Rulli examines these major events through the largely unchronicled lives of the Chicago citizens who experienced them, from centennial garment workers to millennials with megaphones.


bioGraph | About | Tell Your Story | Write, Produce, Publish

About the Author


Joseph Anthony Rulli is a transplanted Hoosier, living in Chicago since the fall of 2006. He graduated from University of Notre Dame St. Meinrad School of Theology.  He taught Social Studies, Religion, Philosophy and History at the high school level. He began writing as a career upon his arrival to his second city and has had two short stories published, a stage play performed, an electronic tour book published online and The Chicago Haymarket Affair, his first print book, followed by Chicago Socialism: The People’s History.



Chicago Socialism: The People's History Cover Image
ISBN: 9781467141260
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: History Press - August 19th, 2019

The Chicago Haymarket Affair: A Guide to a Labor Rights Milestone Cover Image
ISBN: 9781467135740
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: History Press - October 31st, 2016

Authors Discussion & Signing with D. M. Pirrone & Adam J. Shafer

CANCELLED 9/30/20 DUE TO COVID19*                                                         


Authors Discussion & Signing with D.M. Pirrone and Adam J. Shafer

Titles (respectively): Promises to the Dead: A Hanley & Rivka Mystery

                                 Never Walk Back

Date: October 11, 2020

Day: Sunday 

Time: 2 PM





About the Author

D. M. Pirrone is the nom de plume of Diane Piron-Gelman. She lives near Chicago with her husband and sons. Her debut novel, No Less in Blood, was published by Five Star in 2011. She is also the author of the Hanley & Rivka Mysteries, Shall We Not Revenge (2014), For You Were Strangers (2015), and Promises to the Dead (2020) – all published by Allium Press of Chicago.



Promises to the Dead

About the Book

As Chicago recovers from the Great Fire of 1871, the Civil War continues to haunt its residents. What begins for Detective Frank Hanley as the simple case of a missing railroad clerk quickly escalates into something much more complex. Ezra Hayes, who has made a daring escape from forced servitude on a Louisiana sugar plantation, brings to Chicago proof of nefarious doings in the South. His information implicates the missing clerk’s employer, a major shipper of sugar. As Hanley struggles to untangle the web of circumstances surrounding the railroad’s role in the clerk’s disappearance, Rivka Kelmansky faces her own personal struggle. Her brother is pressuring her to marry a young man from her tight-knit Jewish community, but she still dreams of forging a new life with Hanley. When her mulatto sister-in-law is wrongfully accused of murder, Rivka turns to Hanley for help. Facing opposition on multiple fronts, they must race against time to save Ada’s life and uncover the shocking truth.




About the Author

Adam J. Shafer’s short stories have appeared in a number of literary magazines. His story “Brushed Nickel” received Honorable Mention in the Carve Magazine Raymond Carver Contest in 2013, and he received The Jabberwock Review Nancy D. Hargrove Prize for Fiction in 2014 for his story “Fugue.” Never Walk Back is his debut novel. He lives in Chicago with his family.

Never Walk Back

About the Book

All Ruth Casper wants is to make her mark on the world, but in the post-Civil War South she’s considered a person of no consequence. After witnessing a speeding locomotive massacre a herd of wild elk, she conjures up the design for an improved railroad brake. It’s based on an invention that her husband, Henry, a tinkerer and a dreamer, has been unable to bring to reality. Ruth encourages him to construct the brake, and the two of them undergo a perilous trip north to Washington to have it patented. There they encounter Augustus Windom, the man-child heir to his father’s railroad empire, who’s obsessed with establishing his own legacy. When he decides that he’d rather steal Henry’s creation than pay for it honestly, the three of them set upon a collision course with each other that has far-reaching consequences. Rich in historical details, this novel will appeal equally to railroad enthusiasts and readers who enjoy stories about women who chase their dreams with boldness and grit.




Editor/Author Discussion & Signing with Robert K.Elder

Editor/Author Discission and Signing with Robert K. Elder

Titles: Moby Dick: Illustrated by Gilbert Wilson (Hardcover)

           Unfinished and Unbroken: The Life of Artist Gilbert Wilson

Date: October 4, 2020

Day: Sunday

Time: 2-4:00 PM

Image result for robert k. elder


About Robert K. Elder

Robert K. Elder is the Chief Digital Officer at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, an award-winning author of 12 books and founder of Odd Hours Media. He also serves as a mentor at TechStars, 1871 Chicago and Northwestern University’s The Garage.

Elder specializes in launching new products, expanding brands and developing corporate innovation strategies. Elder is also the founder of Odd Hours Media LLC, which consults and creates branding campaigns and TV production. In 2018, he also became a founding partner of Token.Agency, a consulting firm focused on emerging technology and blockchain projects.

Elder is also the author or editor of several books, including 2018’s The Mixtape of My Life, a journal that guides users to write their autobiography through their music collection.

His 2016 book, Hidden Hemingway: Inside the Ernest Hemingway Archives of Oak Parkwon a Gold Medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Pulitzer-winner Studs Terkel calls Elder “a journalist in the noblest tradition” in his introduction to Elder’s book, Last Words of the Executed.

Author Scott Turow (Presumed Innocent) called Hidden Hemingway, “An invaluable book for anyone interested in Hemingway or the development of a major creative mind” and Garrison Keillor lauded the work, writing: “…it’s a privilege to look through [Hemingway’s] closet and read his stuff and discover him as a mortal man.”

Elder’s 2013 book, The Best Film You’ve Never Seen, was championed by film critic Roger Ebert, who wrote: “How necessary this book is! And how well-judged and written! Some of the best films ever made, as Elder proves, are lamentably all but unknown.”

Dead Man Walking author Sister Helen Prejean called Last Words of the Executed, “a dangerous book.” Last Words of the Executed received rave reviews in The Economist, Harper’s Magazine, and The New York Review of Books, among many other outlets. The New Yorker called it, “…A harrowing portrait of our justice system.”

Praise for Elder’s 2011 book The Film That Changed My Life came from the Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips, who called the book, “A great and provocative read…it’s addictive.” Film critic Leonard Maltin also said, “You’ll have a hard time putting this book down.”

Elder’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Paris Review,, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe,, The Oregonian and many other publications. For more than a decade, he served as a staff writer at the Chicago Tribune and from 2010 to 2012, he worked as a regional editor for the AOL Huffington Post Media Group’s hyperlocal news initiative, In 2012, Elder served as the founding managing editor of DNAinfo Chicago before joining the Chicago Sun-Times in 2013.

In June of 2013, he was named editor-in-chief of Sun-Times Media Local, overseeing 36 suburban Chicago publications, including: Aurora Beacon News, the Naperville Sun, the Elgin Courier News, the Lake County News-Sun and the 32 weeklies of the Pioneer Press group. In 2014, he was named Vice President of Digital Content, founding a guest editor program featuring people such as Smashing Pumpkins founder Billy Corgan, comedian Bert Kreischer and astronaut Jim Lovell. Elder also started a podcast network at the Sun-Times, hosting “The Big Questions,” one of four initial shows.

In 2015, Elder joined Crain Communications Inc. and became the company’s Executive Director of Digital Product Development & Innovation. At Crain, Elder spent two years opening Crain brands in 32 new international markets. He also identified opportunities and led the development of new Web, app, mobile and social products to expand the company’s digital footprint until 2017.

In 2018, he was named President and Publisher of Blockchain News, an independent daily resource for information and commentary about blockchain technology, crypto assets and digital currency platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.  That same year, he became a founding partner at Token.Agency, a consulting firm focused on emerging technology and blockchain projects.

In late 2019, Elder joined the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists as its Chief Digital Officer. The Bulletin is the nonprofit behind the iconic Doomsday Clock. Contributors to the Bulletin have included Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Bertrand Russell and other cultural luminaries. The Bulletin focuses on three main areas: nuclear risk, climate change, and disruptive technologies. What connects these topics is a driving belief that because humans created them, we can control them.

Elder's company Odd Hours Media produced the user-generated sites Tales of Romantic Dead Ends and Tales from the Beginning of Love. Both sites went viral very quickly, attracting more than 1 million hits within a few months. In late 2009, Sourcebooks signed the sites to a two-book deal.

Elder is also the editor of John Woo: Interviews, the first authoritative chronicle of the filmmaker’s life, legacy and career. He has also contributed to books on poker, comic books and film design. A former member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and film reviewer for the Chicago Tribune, Elder has taught film classes at Facets Film School.

He serves on the boards of the Society of Professional Journalists' Headline Club and the Chicago Writers Conference. Elder is a member of the Hemingway Society, the Melville Society and the American Historical Association.

He has taught journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School and Columbia College Chicago.

A Montana native and graduate of the University of Oregon, Elder lives and writes in Chicagoland.

He has been known to carry a digital voice recorder.

Moby Dick: Illustrated by Gilbert Wilson Cover Image

Moby Dick: Illustrated

Hat & Beard Press is celebrating Herman Melville's 200th birthday with a full-color edition of Moby-Dick, illustrated by the rediscovered art of Gilbert Wilson. Film director John Huston declared him "a brilliant artist and one of America's foremost painters." Pearl S. Buck sponsored an exhibition of his work in New York, and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about his work in her newspaper column. Yet, for most of his life, artist Gilbert Brown Wilson (1907-1991) lived in relative obscurity, despite a critical splash in the 1930s. He sacrificed financial security for artistic freedom. An acolyte of Diego Rivera and an assistant to Rockwell Kent, Wilson became recognized for his gargantuan murals at Indiana State University and Antioch College, and for the controversy sparked by his "social realist" style. But Moby-Dick became Wilson's lifetime obsession, for which he produced more than 200 paintings and drawings, and helped inspire Huston's 1956 film adaptation starring Gregory Peck and Orson Welles. This large, coffee-table book will showcase never-before-published artwork, notes, and meditations on the novel--drawing from unprecedented access to Wilson's estate. The book will also provide a platform for the international art community to reassess and rediscover this remarkable man and his work. The edition pays homage to Melville's original text, while breathing new life into the story via Wilson's vibrant, timeless artwork. Critics have called Moby-Dick "the most ambitious book ever conceived by an American writer"--and Wilson's version will be the most ambitious illustrated edition of that book.


Image result for 9781732734586

Unfinished and Unbroken: The Life of Artist Gilbert Wilson

Originally slated for publication in the 2000s, the project slipped into limbo when 1) Spann died while editing the book and 2) his chosen press changed its publishing model, leaving the book without a home. Spann's Unfinished and Unbroken: The Life of Artist Gilbert Wilson is an authoritative and expansive look at Wilson's life and art, edited by the careful and committed Robert K. Elder.



Moby Dick: Illustrated by Gilbert Wilson Cover Image
By Elder (Editor), Gilbert Wilson (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781732734517
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Hat & Beard Press - October 30th, 2019


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