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Author Discussion & Signing with Georgann Prochaska

Title: Murder comes to Grindstone  (5th in the Snoopypuss Series)

Author: Georgann Prochaska

Date: October 20, 2019

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00 PM



A tornado has flattened homes in the rural town of Grindstone, and Alice Tricklebank, her grandson Henry, and Audrey the bloodhound volunteer to search for survivors. When Audrey demands entrance into a wrecked home but is stopped by police, Henry uses the distraction to charge past them through the broken door. Inside, he finds a dead body--but sobs from the basement quickly lead Henry and the police to an even more shocking sight...

In Murder Comes to Grindstone--the fifth Snoopypuss mystery--Alice and Audrey have snooped into a case bigger than murder, and Henry's life is on the line.


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About the Author


Georgann Prochaska lives outside of Chicago. She graduated from Illinois State University and Northern Illinois University. After retiring from teaching high school, Georgann became a caregiver for her mother, an experience she wrote about in her memoir, On Little Cat Feet.


Murder Comes to Grindstone: The Fifth Snoopypuss Mystery Cover Image
ISBN: 9781977212825
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Outskirts Press - May 18th, 2019

Author Discussion & Signing with Robert Goldsborough

Title: STOP the Presses!  The very latest in the New Nero & Archie Series.

(Publishers Weekly 1/4/16 pp 34-35)

Stop the Presses! A Nero Wolfe Mystery Robert Goldsborough. Open Road, $14.99 trade paper (250p) ISBN 978-1-5040-2357-3 Goldsborough’s outstanding 11th Nero Wolfe pastiche provides a sedate contrast to the previous volume, 2015’s Archie in the Crosshairs, which opened with a bang, as someone shot at Archie Goodwin, Wolfe’s leg man, on his way home. Lon Cohen of the New York Gazette asks for Wolfe’s help after his paper’s most-read and most-notorious writer, Cameron Clay, receives death threats. Since Clay’s column routinely ruffles feathers, that’s not an unusual occurrence, but the writer views the current threats as more serious. Wolfe agrees to meet with Clay and gets a list of the five people most likely to pose a danger to him, including a real estate magnate and Clay’s diva exwife. But after the columnist rejects protection, he’s found dead of a gunshot wound, and the Gazette’s publisher asks Wolfe to challenge the police’s verdict of suicide. Offering one of his most surprising solutions, Goldsborough again demonstrates an impressive ability to emulate Rex Stout’s narrative voice.


Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are tasked with protecting the most hated columnist in New York City

There are few people Nero Wolfe respects, and Lon Cohen of the New York Gazette is one of them. So when Cohen asks for a favor, the famously brilliant—and notoriously lazy—detective is inclined to listen. According to Cohen, someone wants to kill the Gazette’s gossip columnist, Cameron Clay. Death threats are a regular hazard for Clay, who’s hurled insults and accusations at every bold-faced name in the five boroughs. But the latest threats have carried a more sinister tone.
The columnist has narrowed his potential killers down to five people: an egomaniacal developer, a disgraced cop, a corrupt councilman, a sleazy lawyer, and his ex-wife. But when Clay turns up dead, the cops deem it a suicide. The bigwigs at the Gazette don’t agree, so they retain Wolfe and his indefatigable assistant, Archie Goodwin, to figure out which of the suspects had the mettle to pull the trigger.


About the Author

Robert Goldsborough (b. 1937) is an American author best known for continuing Rex Stout s famous Nero Wolfe series. Born in Chicago, he attended Northwestern University and upon graduation went to work for the Associated Press, beginning a lifelong career in journalism that would include long periods at the "Chicago Tribune" and "Advertising Age". While at the "Tribune", Goldsborough began writing mysteries in the voice of Rex Stout, the creator of iconic sleuths Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Goldsborough s first novel starring Wolfe, "Murder in E Minor" (1986), was met with acclaim from both critics and devoted fans, winning a Nero Award from the Wolfe Pack. Nine more Wolfe mysteries followed, including "Death on Deadline "(1987) and "Fade to Black" (1990). His most recent book is "Archie in the Crosshairs "



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Stop the Presses! (Nero Wolfe Mysteries #11) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781504023573
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Mysteriouspress.Com/Open Road - March 8th, 2016

Author Discussion & Signing with Tracy Clark

Title: What You Don't See

Author: Tracy Clark

Date: June 5, 2020

Day: Friday

Time: 7:00 PM


Former cop Cass Raines knows the streets of Chicago all too well. Now she’s a private investigator and getting an exclusive glimpse into how the other half lives—and how they die . . .
Wealth. Power. Celebrity. Vonda Allen’s glossy vanity magazine has taken the Windy City by storm, and she’s well on her way to building a one-woman media empire. Everybody adores her. Except the people who work for her. And the person who’s sending her flowers with death threats . . .
As Vonda’s bodyguard, off-duty cop Ben Mickerson knows he could use some back-up—and no one fits the bill better than his ex-partner on the police force, Cass Raines. Now a full-time private eye, Cass is reluctant to take the job. She isn’t keen on playing babysitter to a celebrity who’s rumored to be a heartless diva. But as a favor to Ben, she signs on. But when Vonda refuses to say why someone might be after her, and two of her staff turn up dead, Ben and Cass must battle an unknown assailant bent on getting to the great lady herself, before someone else dies.
Cass finds out the hard way just how persistent a threat they face during the first stop on Vonda’s book tour. As fans clamour for her autograph, things take an ugly turn when a mysterious fan shows up with flowers and slashes Ben with a knife. While her ex-partner’s life hangs in the balance, Cass is left to find out what secrets Vonda is keeping, who might want her dead, and how she can bring Ben’s attacker to justice before enemies in the Chicago Police Department try to stop her in her tracks . . .

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About the Author

Tracy Clark is the author of the highly acclaimed Chicago Mystery Series featuring ex-homicide cop turned PI Cassandra Raines, a hard-driving, African-American protagonist who works the mean streets of the Windy City dodging cops, cons, killers, and thugs. She received Anthony Award and Lefty Award nominations for her series debut, Broken Places, which was also shortlisted for the American Library Association’s RUSA Reading List, named a CrimeReads Best New PI Book of 2018, a Midwest Connections Pick, and a Library Journal Best Books of the Year. In addition to her Cass Raines novels, Tracy’s short story “For Services Rendered,” appears in the anthology Shades of Black: Crime and Mystery Stories by African‑American Authors. A native of Chicago, she works as an editor in the newspaper industry and roots for the Cubs, Sox, Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks equally. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, PI Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and a Mystery Writers of America Midwest board member. Find Tracy on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @tracypc6161, or visit her online at

What You Don't See (A Chicago Mystery #3) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781496714930
Availability: Not Yet Published
Published: Kensington - May 26th, 2020

Broken Places (A Chicago Mystery #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781496714886
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Kensington - April 30th, 2019

Borrowed Time (A Chicago Mystery #2) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781496714916
Availability: Not Yet Published
Published: Kensington - April 28th, 2020

Author Discussion & Signing with T.G. Wolf

Date: December 8, 2019 

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00 PM

Title: Widow's Run

Author: T. G. Wolff


One night in Rome. One car. One dead scientist. Italian police investigate, but in the end, all they have are kind words for the new widow. Months later, a video emerges challenging the facts. Had he stepped into traffic, or was he pushed? The widow returns to the police, but they have little interest and no answers. Exit the widow.

Enter Diamond. One name for a woman with one purpose. Resurrecting her CIA cover, she follows the shaky video down the rabbit hole. Her widow’s run unearths a plethora of suspects: the small-time crook, the mule-loving rancher, the lady in waiting, the Russian bookseller, the soon-to-be priest. Following the stink greed leaves in its wake reveals big lies and ugly truths.

Murder is filthy business. Good thing Diamond plays dirty.


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From & About Author

I am TG Wolff, mystery writer and Civil Engineer. I have always loved puzzles. It doesn't matter if the puzzles are made of words, numbers, or pictures. I dig on "figuring it out." Becoming an engineer was a natural, because that what I do -- figure out why things are broken, figure out how to fix them.

In my day job, I am a Civil Engineer. I hold a Bachelor’s from Case Western Reserve University and a Master’s from Cleveland State University. I started in the Transportation field, designing roadways and the water systems that support them. After working nights on my Master’s degree, I began working in the water and wastewater industry, specializing in Clean Water Act compliance. Currently, I work for one of the largest self-performing General Contractors in the Midwest, helping with the projects that keep our water clean and our communities strong.

I love reading mysteries for the "figuring it out." Over ten years ago while living in Cleveland, Ohio and working on a project in Northern Kentucky, with little to fill the time along the I-71 corridor, I began create puzzles, mini “whodunits” that kept my mind alert. The  puzzles became short stories and, eventually, full length mysteries. While I am an avid reader of mysteries and thrillers, I love, in capital letters, LOVE, creating mysteries for the reader to solve and enjoy.

As a mystery writer, I create the whodunits, and then work backwards to create the story that will be read front-to-back. I’m not a cop or a lawyer. My stories aren’t police procedurals or legal thrillers. My stories are about the plot, the mystery, with a fun twist of humor that makes life entertaining. I like to make you think but give you everything you need to solve the problem.


Widow's Run (Diamond Mystery #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781948235945
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Down & Out Books - November 11th, 2019

Exacting Justice Cover Image
ISBN: 9781946502506
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Down & Out Books - April 23rd, 2018

Authors Discussion & Signing with Dr Tyra Manning and Karen Keilt

Authors: Dr. Tyra Manning and Karen Keilt

Titles: Your Turn: Ways to Celebrate Life Through Storytelling (Manning)

           The Parrot's Perch: A Memoir (Keilt)

Date: October 22, 2019

Day: Tuesday

Time: 7:00 to 9:00 PM

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Former River Forest, Illinois resident, Dr. Tyra Manning earned her doctoral degree in education from the University of Kansas and went on to become one of the nation’s top school superintendents. Since her retirement, her mission has been to share her compelling life’s story of hope and redemption by encouraging readers to tell their own life stories through writing. Her first book, Where the Water Meets the Sand, is an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards Gold winner in the Autobiography & Memoir category.



Creative expression through writing helps us uncover gems of hope and serenity, enabling us to navigate difficult times. Sharing stories with one another fills the space between us, inspires us, helps us forge stronger relationships, and teaches us that we're more alike than different. In Your Turn, renowned educator Dr. Tyra Manning offers examples of stories from her own life, followed by an invitation for readers to delve onto their own emotional histories, with plenty of room to explore on the page with writing prompts and tools.

A guidebook for transformation through self-expression, Your Turn will spark readers' creative thought and offers them a space to document their own self-reflection--helping them overcome challenges and move forward



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Karen Keilt, is the author of a memoir, The Parrot’s Perch. Keilt, a native of Brazil,” tells the story of her imprisonment and torture while a captive of the country’s military dictatorship regime. In this emotional and courageous memoir, Keilt outlines her life’s journey to find true happiness after years of clinging to survival.



The Parrot's Perch opens in 2013, when Karen Keilt, age sixty, receives an invitation to testify at the Brazilian National Truth Commission at the UN in New York. The email sparks memories of her "previous life"--the one she has kept safely bottled up for more than thirty-seven years. Hopeful of helping to raise awareness about ongoing human rights violations in Brazil, she wants to testify, but she anguishes over reliving the horrific events of her youth. In the pages that follow, Keilt tells the story of her life in Brazil--from her exclusive, upper-class lifestyle and dreams of Olympic medals to her turmoil-filled youth. Full of hints of a dark oligarchy in Brazil, corruption, crime, and military interference, The Parrot's Perch is a searing, sometimes shocking true tale of suffering, struggle--and survival. Karen Keilt lived through the darkest days of Brazil's military dictatorship. In her courageous and compelling memoir, Keilt narrates an emotionally honest reckoning of her desire to find true happiness. Forbidden by her wealthy family to even mention her imprisonment, torture, and rape, Keilt is forced to make a change that will affect the rest of her life. Seen through her testimony to the Brazilian National Truth Commission at the UN, readers become witnesses to both her vulnerability and her quiet strength.


Your Turn: Ways to Celebrate Life Through Storytelling Cover Image
ISBN: 9781631524561
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: She Writes Press - October 1st, 2019

The Parrot's Perch: A Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9781631525711
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: She Writes Press - April 16th, 2019

Author Discussion & Signing with Lou Macaluso

Title: The Greatest Escape (Based on True Events)

Author: Lou Macaluso

Date: November 23, 2019

Day: Saturday

Time: 2:00 to 4:00 PM



The Greatest Escape Danger and adventure abound as a group of senior citizens escape through the Berlin Wall to freedom. Based on the inspiring true story of one of the most daring Cold War exoduses. A Berlin trip a few years ago rekindled the author s twenty-year fascination with a daring, true, tunnel escape from East to West Berlin during the height of the Cold War. A wonderful group of feisty senior citizens led by an eighty-one-year-old man, pulled off one of the most daring escapes to freedom in recent history. The fictionalized account of these real events is the backbone of this wonderful novel by prodigious author Lou Macaluso. The Greatest Escape must rank as one of the best historical fictions of this period anyone has written to date.

Lou Macaluso


Déjà vu, Italian Style marks Lou Macaluso’s second installment in the Tony Morelli mystery series. Before becoming an author and motivational speaker, Lou was an English teacher, football, track and wrestling coach, triathlete, and a union president. He currently serves as a Mystery Writers of America Board Member. His other published works include In Search of Sal (premiere Tony Morelli mystery inspired by the true story of a Hollywood character actor), The Warming Sicilian Son, and numerous short stories. His current novel, The Greatest Escape, is a chilling thriller based on the most daring escape from East to West Berlin during the Cold War.

Lou is a lifelong resident of Chicago where he lives with his wife and their three dogs.




Author Discussion with John Rice (Local Author, Columnist, P.I. and Educator

Author: John  Rice

Title: The Ghost of Cleopatra

Date: November 10, 2019

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Image result for Photos of John Rice Forest Park, IL


John Rice is a columnist/private detective, who has seen his business and family thrive in Forest Park. He thoroughly enjoys life in the village and still gets a thrill smelling Red Hots, watching softball and strolling through cemeteries.



The Ghost of Cleopatra is a work of historical fiction by John Rice and Gail Tanzer. It tells the story of African-American/Native American sculptor, Edmonia Lewis, whose masterpiece, The Death of Cleopatra, languished for over 70 years in obscurity. It’s an epic story that spans centuries and continents and tells how the spirit of the Queen of the Nile inspired Lewis to create her likeness in marble. The tale is through the eyes of Lewis, her statue and Cleopatra herself. The Ghost of Cleopatra celebrates the achievements of women, immigrants and minorities. It shows the indomitable spirit of Edmonia Lewis, who overcame terrible hardship to become one of the celebrated sculptors of her time. It traces her life from her humble circumstances living with her mother’s Ojibwe tribe to her life of sculpting world-renowned works of art.Cleopatra’s rise to power in a world ruled by men and the fate she suffered at the hands of these powerful men are testaments of what a truly remarkable woman she was. Finally, the story describes the precarious journey of the Statue, from its creation to its ultimate triumph. All three characters embody the spirit of strong females, who rise above oppression by their sheer determination. Primarily, it’s the saga of Edmonia Lewis, who was born in 1844: the daughter of a Haitian immigrant man and an Ojibwe-African American woman. Aside from the racism she suffered, she faced the prejudice that plagued females of that era.The authors hope to inspire women, young and old, in their struggle for equality. Their story also recognizes an overlooked sculptor who deserves a place of honor in the pantheon of American heroes.


Author Discussion & Signing with Ursula Bielski

Title: Haunts of the White City: Ghost Stories from the World's Fair, the Great Fire and Victorian Chicago 

Author: Ursula Bielski

Date: November 17, 2019

Day: Sunday

Time: 2:00 PM


At the close of the nineteenth century, Chicago offered the world a glimpse of humanity's most breathtaking possibilities and its most jaw-dropping horrors. Even as the White City emerged from the ashes of the Great Fire, serial killers like H.H. Holmes stalked the sparkling new boulevards and tragic accidents plagued the factories, slums and railroads that powered the churn of industrial innovation. Demons, mesmerists and birds of ill omen preyed on the unwary from the shadows. Ship captains spoke to the dead, while undertakers discovered reanimated corpses no longer requiring services. From posh mansions built on massacre grounds to the drowned quarries of a forest preserve, Ursula Bielski follows the dark undercurrents beneath the electric lights of the World's Fair.

Image result for photos of ursula Bielski


Historian, author, and parapsychology enthusiast, Ursula Bielski has been writing and lecturing about Chicago's supernatural folklore and the paranormal for more than 16 years. A recognized authority on the Chicago region's ghost lore and cemetery history, she is the author of four popular and critically acclaimed books on the same subjects, all published by Lake Claremont Press.

Ursula's interests in ghost hunting began at a young age. She grew up in a haunted house on Chicago's north side and received an early education in Chicago history from her father, a Chicago police officer. Since that time she has been involved in numerous investigations of haunted sites in and around Chicago, including such notorious locales as Wrigley Field; the Red Lion Pub, Bachelors Grove Cemetery, and the Oshkosh, WI, Opera House.




Haunts of the White City: Ghost Stories from the World's Fair, the Great Fire and Victorian Chicago Cover Image
By Ursula Bielski, Jeff Mudgett (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781467139656
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: History Press - September 23rd, 2019

Haunted Bachelors Grove (Haunted America) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781467136631
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: History Press - October 10th, 2016

Celebration of INDEPENDENTS DAY at Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore

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