The Rise Of Samson: A Biblical Novel (Paperback)

The Rise Of Samson: A Biblical Novel By Jeffrey D. Meredith Cover Image
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The Biblical story of Samson is a bold, enthralling tale of strength and seduction that has captivated readers for thousands of years. Brought to life in the novel The Rise of Samson, you'll vividly experience the desires and drive that motivated Samson in this engaging novelized edition of the story of a strongman chosen by God.

Author Jeff Meredith roars life into the character of Samson and allows the reader to walk in his footsteps, engage in his battles, and understand the heart and thoughts of the warrior, like never before. Able to tear a lion apart with his bare hands and massacre an entire army with the jawbone of a donkey as his only weapon, Samson is a Biblical hero of epic proportions. This gripping account of Samson's rise from a boy called by God to a fierce fighter set on avenging injustice will transport you into the fray of this page-turning adventure.

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ISBN: 9781950948826
ISBN-10: 195094882X
Publisher: Freiling Publishing
Publication Date: October 26th, 2021
Pages: 238
Language: English