Analyze People: The Effective Guide To Analyzing Different Types Of Behavior Through Body Language. Learn How To Detect Deception And (Paperback)

Analyze People: The Effective Guide To Analyzing Different Types Of Behavior Through Body Language. Learn How To Detect Deception And Cover Image
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Do you want to how to analyze body language and use behavioral techniques of dark psychology to read into people's minds and defend themselves from manipulation and deception?

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Most people typically only concentrate on facial features and head movements when it comes to analyzing others, and I can see why. These signals are of high significance, even compared with the arms and hands. The facial features are almost always in sight and under the most conscious control compared with any other body part. Hence special effort is usually given in an attempt to not give anything away here, people even practice their "poker face" in the mirror.

This will come down to the adjectives and describing words the person chooses to use. The emphasis they place on the base nouns and verbs within their sentences to accentuate meaning. This will show much about their current mindset.

Only then can you start to move on analyzing the specific parts of the body when reading a person, to truly assess the thinking behind their behavior. This starts with the lower limbs, the legs, and the feet. People often neglect to pick up on the signals from these body parts as they wrongly presume that they do not hold much weight.

However, this is untrue, as the signals given via the legs and feet give very significant signs. They are under much less conscious control and often go unnoticed. So can give very genuine signals, as a result, so should not be dismissed. Subconscious crossing and/or pointing of the knees and legs will say a lot about a person's attentiveness and mood.

The same can be said of the arms and hands in terms of crossing and general direction. However, due to the more intricate and expressive ways in which they can be controlled, the arms, and especially the hands can give an even greater range of non-verbal gestures.

Make sure that you give special attention to the interaction the hands make with other body parts, such as those of the head and face.

Gestures given as a standalone can be very powerful cues, however, when they are performed in conjunction with others, that signal amplifies even more so.

Make sure you watch out for excess movement and fidgeting from any body part, be it the hands, feet, or eyelids. If there is one "tell" which signifies general unease and possible deception most accurately, it is this.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

  • Why Analyze a Person?
  • Characteristics, Different Forms of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Under Standing Body Language
  • Analysis of People through Words
  • Highest Quality "Tells" - Facial Expressions

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