Premature Ejaculation: An Explicit Seven-Step Guide to Better Sex. Learn How to Overcome PE and Last Longer in Bed. Get Complete Control Over (Paperback)

Premature Ejaculation: An Explicit Seven-Step Guide to Better Sex. Learn How to Overcome PE and Last Longer in Bed. Get Complete Control Over Cover Image
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If you want to discover how a simple step by step method (you can practice in the privacy of your home) eliminates Premature Ejaculation and makes you a bed marathon man then keep reading...

Have you ever tried any of the following:
  • Meeting a hot woman, taking her back to your place, getting her clothes off but you're so nervous that you come the moment you penetrate her?
  • You have been madly in love with a woman for months, but when you finally succeed taking her home with you come after 10 seconds.
  • She says it's okay ...but she's clearly disappointed and has lost trust in you.
  • As time goes by you have become so nervous about premature ejaculation, that the mere thought completely ruins your ability to enjoy the your sex performance

Guess what?

I have been in each and every one of the above situations. And yes - it wasn't fun.

For a long period in my life I suffered from premature ejaculation. I was caught in a downward going spiral where low self confidence lead to poor performance, which then again lead to even lower self confidence. I felt bad about myself and with the women that came into my life - and left.

It was only when I began to actively research what I had to do to heal my sexuality that I slowly could get my act together. It has been a fascinating journey where I have received guidance from some of the worlds leading experts in Tantra, Taoism and western sexology - and where I discovered ESSENTIAL KEYS to achieve super sexual stamina.

Lasting long in bed is a question of doing the right training performed on a daily basis.

And you know what else?

When you start believing that it's possible (which it is) - you will start to dissolve the descending spiral and instead create an ascending spiral. Positive results leads to more self confidence which again leads to better results.

Premature Ejaculation : An Explicit Seven-Step Guide to Better Sex. teaches you what science has unveiled about premature ejaculation.

Inside you will discover:
  • How to master body and mind for ecstatic long lasting sex performance
  • Dissolve performance anxiety and strengthen your sexual confidence
  • How to use relaxation and knowledge of the parasympathetic nervous system to achieve excellent sexual performance
  • How you become a more masculine and centered lover
  • Sex techniques
  • And much much more ...


The short answer: Yes, this book is for ALL men who wish to last longer in bed, become more masculine and virile, who wish to learn to harness their sexual energy and learn how to REALLY satisfy women ...

  • Perhaps you have suffered from premature ejaculation for as long as you can remember
  • Maybe you suffer from performance anxiety and would like to rebuild your sexual self confidence
  • Maybe you have days with good control - and bad days with absolutely no control
  • Maybe you have never completely solved the problem

No matter your situation is, this book can help you to last longer naturally.

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ISBN: 9781801130301
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Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab.
Publication Date: October 21st, 2020
Pages: 104
Language: English