Walking with the Prophets (Paperback)

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He walked by faith, not by sight . . .

Paul Osborne (“The Oz”) is an extremely successful right-wing shock jock with a legion of angry listeners who rely on him to spit truth to the liberal powers that be. And with success comes money. Lots and lots of it. For decades now, Paul’s been living a life of excess . . . and loneliness.

But when a stroke stops him in his tracks and an unlikely stranger nurses him back to health, he suddenly leaves everything he’s worked for and sets off, on foot, on a journey across the country to make sense of his life. From the small, wooded towns of New Hampshire, down the coast then nearly all the way to California, Paul will experience rural America one step at a time—and begin to spread the very message of harmony and acceptance that he once railed against.

Walking with the Prophets is a modern-day reimagining of Paul the Apostle’s story. With lessons from the world’s great religions and philosophers, The Oz will open the hearts and minds of some of the most hardened and cynical folks he meets . . . and begin a movement that will shake America to its core.

"Inspiring until the very end." - Advanced Reviewer

Fans of Paul, Apostle of Christ and The Shack will love this christian book. 

About the Author

Rebekah was a lost soul wandering the infamous Wells Street in Chicago when a traveling street mission from the small town of Clifton, IL saved her soul and she was reborn in Christ. Now writing from her Victorian bed and breakfast, she enjoys telling stories that celebrate the important lessons to be learned from Christ by believers and non-believers alike—unique and powerful stories that entertain, uplift, and inspire.

Some of Rebekah's favorite movies are War Room, God's Not Dead, and Overcomer.  She also enjoys books about other belief systems that offer valuable insight and lessons for living a better life with greater understanding, including The Hundred Secret Senses (Amy Tan), Among the Believers (V.S. Naipaul), and a many books describing Budhist teachings.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781646300501
ISBN-10: 1646300505
Publisher: Level 4 Press, Inc.
Publication Date: May 13th, 2025
Pages: 360
Language: English