Red Mother (Paperback)

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Poetry. Sometimes we all feel as if our relationships consume us. In RED MOTHER Laurel Radzieski weaves a love story told from the perspective of a parasite. This series of short poems explores the intimacy, desire and devotion we all experience by following the sometimes tender, often distressing relationship that emerges between a parasite and its host. Radzieski's poetry is playful, though often with sinister undertones. Far from romanticizing either role, RED MOTHER takes readers on a tour of their own innards, exposing the hooks and claws of all involved. Following the parasite's life cycle, the book blurs the line between science and poetic license to create a fantastical romp not for the squeamish. Although parasites are not known as conversationalists, Radzieski's guest has a lot to say.
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ISBN: 9781630450540
ISBN-10: 1630450545
Publisher: NYQ Books
Publication Date: February 14th, 2018
Pages: 80
Language: English