Locked Within (Paperback)

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In the latest Emma Winberry Mystery, we find the ever-vibrant 60-year-old and her significant other, Nate at the Performing Arts Center on Chicago’s north shore. They are supernumeraries —extras—for the musical, and their dear friend, Delia is a strong voice in the chorus.

When the director calls ‘break’ and the players head for the refreshments, Emma’s sixth sense tells her something is amiss with Delia. Usually a full-of-life woman, Delia seems tense and worried, and confides to Emma that she has misgivings about her son’s recent quick marriage.

Nate pooh-poohs Emma’s concerns, but her Guardian Angel does not, and Emma receives messages of concern and warning. Before Nate can convince Emma she is off-base, Delia has a stroke.

Emma rushes to Delia’s side, where she meets June, the new daughter-in-law, and Emma’s suspicions ratchet up. Is Emma simply being over-protective of her friend? Or does June have a secret agenda...one that could spell trouble for Delia and danger for Emma herself.

Praise For…

Emma Winberry, a vibrant and intelligent senior, sings opera, is protective of a friend in danger, and receives messages from her Guardian Angel in this most compelling and unique tale.

—F. M. Meredith, author of Dangerous Impulses

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ISBN: 9781610090445
ISBN-10: 1610090446
Publisher: Dark Oak Mysteries
Publication Date: January 21st, 2014
Pages: 272
Language: English