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Perfidy (Paperback)

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Mandy Stevenson left home for college even as her family was being torn apart by the loss of her brother, an Indianapolis police officer. But now, four years later, it's time to return and face the grief and hardships she left behind. As summer fades, Mandy finds herself in a nightmare when her mother vanishes without a trace. Faced with her father's skepticism, Mandy turns to her godfather, head of the police department's Missing Person Unit, for help. The police investigation quickly uncovers her mother's secret, nefarious lifestyle-a lifestyle that may have cost her mother everything-including her life. Just as these secrets begin to unfold, Mandy's world is again turned upside down by the murder of a dear friend. She soon realizes that his murder may be connected to her mother's disappearance. How much grief from personal loss and duplicity can she bear? Will uncovering the most perfidious betrayal of all turn Mandy's life to bitterness-or end it?
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ISBN: 9781494456832
ISBN-10: 1494456834
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 4th, 2014
Pages: 266
Language: English