Legends of the Nahanni Valley (Paperback)

Legends of the Nahanni Valley By Hammerson Peters Cover Image
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A non-fiction exploring some of Northern Canada's greatest forgotten mysteries- the stories and legends surrounding the watershed of the South Nahanni River.

Deep in the heart of the Canadian North lies a mysterious valley shrouded in legend. Lured by tales of lost gold, prospectors who enter it tend to lose their heads or vanish without a trace. Some say that the valley is cursed- haunted by an evil spirit whose wailings echo in the canyons. Others claim that it is home to monsters- relics of its prehistoric past. What secrets could the valley be hiding? What mysteries lie buried beneath its misty shroud?

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ISBN: 9780993955860
ISBN-10: 099395586X
Publisher: Hammerson Peters
Publication Date: May 5th, 2018
Pages: 536
Language: English