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"Author Steven Decker portrays the love, courage, determination, strength, harsh realities, painful decisions, and hope all intertwined in the immigrant experience. This story celebrates family and the triumphant power of selfless, unconditional love in the face of countless obstacles and even great evil.

Cambridge Street is a heartfelt, realistic, and thought-provoking glimpse of the great immigrant story that is the United States. It is a MUST READ I absolutely love this book."

Forced to leave Sicily, the Tomaso family arrives in freezing, squalid Chicago at the dawning of the Roaring 20s. Home is now a 4th floor apartment in a tenement building on Cambridge Street in Little Sicily, known locally as Little Hell. Slaughterhouse wages, even after working twelve hours a day, barely pay the rent and feed the family. Survival is a day-to-day struggle but they are determined that their children will become Americans.

The neighborhood crime boss runs the people and businesses in the neighborhood with an iron fist. His brutal enforcers keep everyone in line. When an act of unforgiveable violence is committed against his family, Paolo Tomaso swears revenge. The Don will not - cannot - tolerate disrespect and sends killers to murder Paolo publicly as an example.

With the young father's violent death imminent and certain, the couple stands together - and alone - against the monsters who wait outside their door. Their actions will determine who they are as people and decide the futures of their children.

About the Author

Author Steven Decker grew up in a large, thriving Sicilian family on the north side of Chicago. He never forgot the family stories about the struggles of his immigrant grandparents: how they survived terrible poverty, life during Prohibition and their encounters with gangsters. He has woven many of those true events into an exciting fictional tale spanning a half century. "Cambridge Street is for the millions of immigrants from Italy and the world that came to America to give their families better lives," said Decker. "They helped build our country, feed its people and fight its wars. Now, with the passing of years, their bravery and sacrifices are being forgotten. We must not let that happen."
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ISBN: 9780692978474
ISBN-10: 069297847X
Publisher: Cambridge Street
Publication Date: December 17th, 2017
Pages: 370
Language: English