Everything's Going To Be Okay: How To Nurture Yourself During a Storm (Paperback)

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"Everything is going to be OK." But, is it? Is it really? There are moments when things are really, really sucky. As a healer, Chava Floryn's dad became the sort of physician who saw lots of struggle and challenge in his lifetime, and he understood how painful life could become after burying his own father at the tender age of nine-years-old. Still, this was the family mantra said when the going got tough. Which is why, this became Chava's tag line during a particularly difficult crisis. (Even if saying "EGBOK" felt decidedly glib.)

In a post-covid world, when hospitals were short-staffed and visitation rules were limited, Chava's husband became gravely ill on a family vacation. His organs were failing due to a life-threatening septic infection-and no one knew why. The road back from that vacation was long, and every step was filled with uncertainty.

As her father, Dr. Mike, used to say, "Treat the patient, not the disease." This book aims to treat us with a gentleness, while honoring the uncertain future with a hopeful quality of life. "Everything is going to be OK," even if it's not OK right now is the mantra which aims to make the dis-ease of our mortality a little more tolerable in the midst of any challenge.

How do we get through fear, anxiety, and ultimately grief? Are there strategies that work for tackling life's hard stuff with a little humor and a lot of grace?

Chava Floryn, host of the Nurture Series Podcast, shows us there are

Through meaningful exploration with therapists, coaches, and wellness experts, Everything's Going to Be Okay is a roadmap for how to nurture our best selves as we forge through challenging times. The goal is not to avoid the discomfort, but to dive right in with the compassion that life deserves. Especially when the chips are down. This is not supposed to be a pollyannaish prose, but a realistic look at how to face hard things without losing our grip- maybe while losing our grip. After all, we've all lost it at one point or another, right?

Whether you are in the middle of a crisis or blissfully exploring life, this book is a funny, joyful, raw journey that will have you feeling like you're talking to an old friend. Are you ready for a little catharsis and a lot of growth? It's time to dive into nurturing ourselves and find out exactly why Everything's Going to Be Okay.
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