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Dr. Alexandra Blake's new job puts her at the forefront of her industry. As a geneticist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C., Alex is charged with finding a vaccine against bioterrorism. But the institute's new director, bitter over losing a bid to head the FBI, decides to refocus the institute toward crime solving. Soon Alex is forced to put her research on hold and cover forensics on a gruesome series of murders.
Across the country, women near military bases are turning up dead, their corpses covered in strange tattoos. The more Alex studies the case, the more disturbing questions she has about the killer's motives. And when a new headline-making murder strikes particularly close to home, suddenly everyone around Alex--her boss, the Feds, even her congressman boyfriend--becomes suspect. Now it's up to her to succeed where forensics fail, and Alex will risk everything to trace the enemy…or die trying.

About the Author

LORI ANDREWS is a nationally renowned expert on law and genetics, and was listed as one of the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America by the "National Law Journal." The director of the Institute for Science, Law, and Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Lori is also an award-winning journalist and nonfiction author who is a frequent guest on "Oprah," "Nightline," "60 Minutes," and "CBS Morning News,"among other media outlets. She lives in Chicago. Visit her website at

Praise For…

"Plenty of excitement for fans of forensic-based thrillers in the Reichs and Cornwell mold."--Booklist  "A suspenseful…insiders' look into the armed-services pathology lab."--Kirkus Reviews
"Engrossing…Sequence is a very credible and readable first novel."--Reviewing the Evidence
"A whodunit that is equal parts thriller and police procedural…. Blake's debut in what is clearly set to become a series is promising--she's a little edgy and very smart. But what sets Sequence apart from other thrillers is that Andrews brings every bit of her own background to bear on the subject matter, and her expertise is considerable."--Gentry magazine
"Sequence is a marvelous, whip-smart thriller with a twist--a double helix sort of twist, that is…Andrews has given us a protagonist who already feels like an old friend.  Here's hoping she's with us for a long, long time."--Dylan Schaffer, author of the award-winning Misdemeanor Man mysteries
"It's rare to discover a new author who's actually found a fresh vein to tap in the area of fictional homicide investigation, and Lori Andrews deserves a standing ovation. Sequence is the best novel I've ever read that deals with the details of forensic science. Her protagonist, Alexandra Blake, is pitch-perfect as an academic who joins the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology to research a deadly flu only to be dragooned into investigating a violent serial killer targeting victims on military bases. Prediction: A nomination for Best First Novel."--Jeremiah Healy, author of Turnabout and The Only Good Lawyer
"Fast paced and fascinating, the perfect combination of modern genetics and a beguiling investigator who traces her lineage right back to Sam Spade. You can't ask for anything more: Sequence is fun and important, too."--Craig Nova, author of Cruisers
"Sequence is a great combination of interesting science and likable characters."--Elizabeth Becka, author of Trace Evidence
"Alex is a fabulous protagonist, a beautiful, brilliant woman who tempers her toughness with a hidden emotional side. The science of genetics is temperately discussed, never overwhelming the balance on this expertly crafted mystery."--Romantic Times

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ISBN: 9780312942458
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2007
Pages: 336