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Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore's Celebration of Its 20th Anniversary


Classics Reimagined, FrankensteinJanuary is the 200th Birthday of Frankenstein ( & His Monster)!

Classics Reimagined: Frankenstein (The 200th Anniversary Edition) by Mary Shelley 

 Illustrated by David Plunkert

With detailed and evocative imagery, renowned artist David Plunkert takes readers on a dark journey into the greatest novel in the monster genre, Frankenstein. Celebrating the bicentennial anniversaryof Mary Shelley's original 1818 version, Rockport Publisher's Classics Reimagined series presents this beautiful deluxe edition. The 248-page hardcover book features an 8 page vellum insert detailing thedoctor's designs, and a stunning, full bleed, double gatefold image of the monster. Finished with printed endpapers and painted book block, this masterpiece volume is perfect for book lovers and art lovers alike.The suspense and horror of Dr. Frankenstein reanimating assembled body parts, the monster spying on an       unknowing family, and the creature's revenge on his maker take on whole new meaning when accompanied by Plunkert's mystical, layered interpretation.

Centuries and Sleuths Bookstore is proud to offfer a limited number of copies.When these few copies are gone, Augie will accept indiviual special orders.                                     



2010 marks Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore's 20tn Anniversary from its humble beginnings in November, 1990 in the western suburb of Oak Park, IL. Over that time period we have had authors like Steve Allen, Sir Peter Ustinov, U.S. Senator Paul Simon, Sara Paretsky, P.D. James. John Connolly, Donna Leon, Barbara D'Amato, William Roemer, Andrew Vachss Stephen Kinzer and many others. This year we have our usual author discussions & signings, History Discussion Group, Mystery Discussion Group, G.K. Chesterton Society, Mystery Writers of America and Sister in Crime Meetings. We have performed Mystery Plays with the help of our Mystery Duscussion  Group. Conducted a Trial of Richard III, an Impeachment Hearing for FDR, two Great Debates with Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun, & Henry Clay and an imaginary one with U.S. President Abraham Lincoln & CSA President Jefferson Davis and historical culinary programs with the support and help of Paul Ziessler and Eleanor Hanson. From 1992 through 2009 we have had 16 Meetings of Minds with the likes of Joan of Arc, Al Capon, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Edgar Allan Poe, Davy Crockett, Jane Addams, Benjamin Franklin, Ida B. Wells, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Queen Elizabeth I, and many more, but that might seem like "name dropping"....

However, we have various special plans for this year too.

June, 2010 marks the 195th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo for which we will display in the front window for June of the owners 5' x 10' diorama of this historical bench mark in history with over 2200 hand painted 25mm figures on a topographically accurate board with buildings, foliage, wells and depictions of individual confrontations from June 18, 1815.

In the weekends September we will have over 38 authors in over 9 panels discussing their books, writing, characters and a few "stories" of their experiences both in non-fiction and fiction literature. These panels and what they say may be historical in their own write. By late June we will show a master list of the authors, the panels, the dates and times (e.g. Satudays & Sundays at 11 AM and 2 PM) posted on our website and in our in store hand-out calendar of Current Events.

Then on October 22nd & 23rd Friday & Saturday at 8PM we will have our Meeting of Minds XVII with moderator Madeline Moon and our guests Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Du Bois who will explain their way they thought the Negro/Black Man could achieve success in a world that took so long to "grant" him the freedom which he was entitled. Each had their own plans for their race to make its mark on civilization and the subtitle of this program is "Doing It My Way".

There will be these programs and more!